Why do people in the Netherlands play the lottery?

play the lottery

The lottery is very popular in the Netherlands. Do you know why people play the lottery here? This article explores the unique reasons why the Dutch play the lottery games.

Is the lottery legal in the Netherlands?

Let’s handle the legalities first!

The lottery is a legal activity in the Netherlands. You will not be arrested for playing any lottery game in the country. Before a lottery company starts offering a game to Dutch citizens, it must get a permit. All of the national lotteries are 100% legal and safe.

Now that we’ve settled the legalities, and you know that you can safely play the lottery, let’s find out why many Dutch are playing the lottery.

Top reasons why people play the lottery in the Netherlands

It’s fun 

On top of the reasons why the Dutch enjoy playing the lottery is that it gives them enjoyment. There is hidden fun behind every purchase of tickets and the weekly draw. Every time people wait for the Eurojackpot draw, they are always optimistic. It is like watching a game only that now you are a participant.

To win 

Several lottery players in the Netherlands are motivated by the winning prospects. Many play the lottery to win the various cash prizes offered. Remember, most lottery games have various tiers of prizes to be won. However, a majority of players’ eyes are always fixed on the jackpot.

The desire to win is propagated by the fact that many lucky winners of top prizes are people within the country. It is motivating to play knowing that you can also be a winner.

Lottery tickets are cheap

Do you know how cheap lottery tickets are? Well, even the top lottery games like German Lotto 6 aus 49 are accessible and cost about 4 euros, an amount that most Dutch can afford to play. After playing, they just sit back and wait for the German Lotto 6 aus 49 results to see if they won. Whether or not they become winners, they don’t feel a significant loss.


The Dutch are a curious population. There is nothing as enchanting as the lottery game. It has lots of questions that a curious mind will always want to explore. For example, how does the game of chance work? A simple exploration of statistical probability leads many people to play the lottery to see if they can win.

High jackpot prizes 

There is also a significant number of people who are willing to buy lottery tickets when the jackpot prizes go higher. They do this in anticipation that they can become instant millionaires by just spending an insignificant amount on tickets.

The fantasy of becoming a millionaire 

Everyone, not just in the Netherlands, has the ultimate fantasy of becoming an overnight millionaire. It is only the lottery that can guarantee you this. It is possible to buy a ticket and become an instant millionaire. You need to check lotto results here to confirm your winning status.

How to start playing the lottery?

Don’t defer your dream to become a lotto millionaire in the Netherlands. Register online on our lottery website to start playing today. You’ll be surprised to see how fun the lottery can be; in addition, you will be putting yourself in a position to become a millionaire.

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