Why should you check the lotto results archive

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While browsing our site, you might have noticed, that we publish not only the latest draw results, but also run a lotto results archive. Have you ever wondered why we have decided to store all the past draw results of the lotteries available in our offer? Past lotto results may be a very useful tool for preparing your own strategy and a key to great prizes. While using the past results for picking their numbers is natural for experienced lotto players, newbies might find it a bit difficult to understand. If you’re looking for an answer on how to use it, read our article and increase your winning chances.

Latest lotto results

The most up-to-date, latest lotto draw results are essential to a player who bought a ticket for a particular lottery and wants to check if his numbers were the ones drawn. If the numbers drawn match the ones he has picked for hist ticket, he may enjoy the prize – a great lotto jackpot or one of the lower-tier prizes. Most of the players simply forget about the draw’s outcome after checking the numbers or even quits playing the lotto if they have been unsuccessful.

The latest lotto draw results, apart from the television broadcast and the official lottery website often may be found on daily news portals. They may also be found in one of the n numerous websites, offering lottery tickets online.

Lotto results archive

LottoPark allows its users to check the past lottery draw results of all the offered lotteries, even a few dozens draws back. Our archive includes precise dates of the draws, the numbers which entitled to a prize, and a precise number of prizes won in the particular prize tiers in a form of an easy to read table. Such information might seem irrelevant only at the first glance, as we mentioned that most players seek only the latest draw results so they could check if their ticket has won or not. But there are some who use the archived results not only to check when the jackpot has been claimed for the last time or how big the rollover in a particular lottery was, but also to use the archived numbers for preparing their lotto playing strategy.

Not only the latest lotto draw results, but also the archived results from last weeks or months are significant to the players who use them for preparing their own strategy. This group claims that it’s a vital source of information for them, and that skilful use of the results might pave the way towards winning the lottery and claiming prizes. This is the reason why we present archived results at LottoPark.

Here you can check GG World Raffle results archive.

Lotto results archive for statisticians

The archived lottery draw results are mostly used by mathematicians and statisticians, who may use it to calculate the probability that a certain number would come up in the nearest draw. It’s necessary to gather a big amount of data to perform such calculation. Calculating the probability is fun and easy for a math or statistics lover, but it’s quite time consuming and requires commitment to gather all the required information.

Using a lotto results archive, which may be found on the official lottery website, the lottery operator’s website or one of the ticket-selling websites reduces the amount needed for it. A large part of LottoPark’s users uses the archived lottery draw results to prepare their own set of numbers which are the most likely to be drawn, according to the probability.

If you’re keen on statistics, have some free time, and want to try a new approach for playing the lotto, feel free to use our lotto results archive to prepare your own set of numbers for the next draw. We guarantee that all the results published on our site are reliable and free from any mistakes. They are a great basis for calculating the probability that a certain number would be drawn in the next draw.

Check the current rollovers and pick a lottery you’d like to participate in. Get your lotto tickets online now, bearing in mind, that lotto results archive might be very useful for preparing your playing strategy. Thousands of players all over the world use it – why shouldn’t you?