Become a millionaire with SuperEnalotto online

Internet made playing the lotto so much easier. Nowadays, lottery enthusiasts have the possibility to play all the world’s biggest lotteries. Theoretically, they had the possibility before the internet era too, but it required a lot of effort to get a ticket for a foreign lottery. Travelling is great, but you don’t have to travel all around the world just to get a ticket for one of the greatest American or European lotteries. Today we take a closer look at SuperEnalotto, a great Italian lottery.

How to play SuperEnalotto

To play SuperEnalotto you just need to register an account on our website (if you haven’t done that already). The process takes merely a minute and you’re ready to play. Assuming you haven’t ever played before, you should take a look at the SuperEnalotto information page to get the basics, tips and drawing times information.

Playing SuperEnalotto requires you to pick 7 numbers – 6 main numbers plus an additional Jolly Number, all within the 1-90 range. Correctly picking the Jolly numbers is required to win the second-tier prize. Overall, there are 6 prize tiers in this lottery. SuperEnalotto players also have the possibility to use an additional SuperStar feature. It requires to pick an additional number from the 1 to 90 range which will be drawn from a separate pool, so it may match one of the main numbers or the Jolly number. If the player picks any combination of the winning numbers including the SuperStar number, the regular winning amount will increased. Correctly picking only the SuperStar number entitles you to receive a prize.

Lotto numbers may be picked using one of several methods. The first one is picking the numbers on your own. You can pick the numbers using an important date or using some other lucky numbers. Second one is going for blind luck, using the quick-pick tool to fill in your ticket with randomly generated numbers.

System entires are yet another interesting way to play the lottery, giving you quite an advantage during the draw. Playing with a system entry, the player picks more numbers than it is required, and the system generates all the possible combinations, therefore increasing his odds of winning. System entries may be especially useful while playing SuperEnalotto, because the odds of winning a prize in this lottery are not too big.

SuperEnalotto prizes and results

SuperEnalotto draws are held three times a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. During the first part of the draw, seven numbers from the pool are picked – these are the six main numbers and the Jolly Number. Next, there’s something extra for the players who decided to pick the additional SuperStar number, which is picked during the second part of the draw.

How much can you win in SuperEnalotto. The guaranteed minimum jackpot is €1 300 000, but it’s the great rollover that attract the players from all over the world. The highest recorded SuperEnalotto rollover reached an amazing €178 000 000! Additionally, the SuperStar feature increases the grand prize by two million euros, and the lower-tier prizes are multiplied up to 100x!

SuperEnalotto draw results may be found on our site right after the draw. This page also allows you to check all the archived results to see which numbers have been drawn the most often. It seems that playing SuperEnalotto is one of the easiest ways to become a millionaire. Give it a try!