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Mon & Wed Lotto – Top Australian lotteries available at LottoPark!


The Australian market offers a wide range of lotteries, and some have huge jackpots. There is a common problem with most of the lotteries with huge prizes; the chances of hitting the jackpot are pretty thin. On the other hand, Mon & Wed Lotto is a decent choice for the Australian players. The jackpot is […]

Top places to visit in Italy for a lottery winner


You probably have some dreams and passions that you could not follow due to limited resources or lack of money. Not everyone is blessed with the same opportunities. Visiting Italy is an important to-do item for most of us, but not everyone gets to visit this amazing country. Just imagine you are a lottery winner. […]

The most popular lotteries in the United Kingdom

UK Lottery

Lotteries are the UK’s best-loved games of chance. They offer a great chance to get a life-changing prize, much more exciting than other forms of gambling, and also have a sense of history and tradition. Take this article to learn about the most popular lotteries in the UK! Remember that at LottoPaek you can even […]

Top Reasons to Play the Lotto Online at LottoPark

lotto millionaire

Visiting Las Vegas to enjoy casino life is not possible for everyone. Still, everyone deserves to experience the true lotto and gambling experience and that’s why LottoPark proves to be the best option. LottoPark is a true lotto website that offers modern and innovative entertainment options to those who want to play online. In addition […]

Top Places in Greece to visit for a Lotto Millionaire


Discovering Greece is an exciting adventure, but it is hard to decide where to start first. The country offers a lot of options, both in terms of where to eat and how to spend your days. Athens is the capital city, so it can be a little hectic at times. Even though there are some […]

Buy GG Token and reap the rewards!

LottoPark is proud to provide a unique opportunity to all our players. 1. Buy GG Token and send us the transaction confirmation. What will you earn? a) A deposit worth the same as your transaction, up to 24h from the moment of sending us the confirmation. b) We will double your deposit if you hodl […]