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What can you do with 10 million euros? TOP ideas in 2022

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It’s safe to assume that most people have fantasized about how they’d spend a million euros if they won the EuroMillions. Those whose ideals are more extravagant, including purchasing costly vehicles, mansions, and clothing. Some people believe they would be more charitable with their winnings and intend to share their good fortune with loved ones. […]

Check the top things to do after winning a lottery

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Many people’s fantasies center around the possibility of winning the lotto jackpot. Have you thought about what you would do if your winning number is drawn? So, you check Eurojackpot results and realize you hit the jackpot; your first inclination may be to cash the ticket as soon as possible, but you should hold off. […]

Top Lotteries to Play in Hungary


Lotteries, another form of gambling with a long history, is widely played in many countries. The same holds for the top lotteries played in Hungary right now. The first recorded lotteries in what is now Hungary date back to the 18th century. Changes were made to the rules after it was first introduced. When determining […]

Top places in the United Kingdom to visit for a lottery winner


The United Kingdom has much to offer. From its delicious food to the beautiful countryside and historical sites, there is plenty for you to enjoy. However, in order for you to take advantage of all that the UK has to offer, you’re going to have a little luck on your side too. Do you want […]

Current Lottery Jackpots – how much you can win this week?

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Lotteries have been around for quite some time. In fact, in the earlier days, it was one of the ways of raising funds for building churches and other public spaces. Now, there are hundreds of official lotteries where you can win millions in prizes. At LottoPark, the most popular lotteries are listed where you can […]

Do you know that the British Lottery supports good causes?

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Did you ever think about where the money goes from the British lottery tickets? Apart from the jackpot, there are millions that are spent on social and other welfare projects. Organizers of the lottery spend money on different charities and offer scholarships and many other financial support programs for the needy. If you want to […]