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You want to play a lottery from the land down under? We have a great suggestion for you – it is the biggest lottery in Australia – OZ Lotto online, in which you can win millions of Australian dollars. We have chosen this lottery for our exclusive offer because it offers its players a lot of prize money as well as much higher chances of winning compared to American or European lotteries. Carefully read all the information on OZ Lotto right now and enter the game with LottoPark!

OZ Lotto – a bit of history

OZ Lotto online

OZ Lotto is the national lottery of Australia, the owner of which is Tatts Group. The lottery is administrated in all states by The Lott, with one exception – in the Western Australia region the entity in charge is Lotterywest.

The first drawing of the OZ Lotto lottery took place on 26th February 1994.

Initially, the rules of the OZ Lotto lottery were similar to another lottery from Australia – Saturday Lotto. You picked 6 numbers out of 45. On 18th October 2005, however, the rules were changed. The additional seventh number was introduced and ever since then, 7 numbers out of 45 have been drawn in the OZ Lotto lottery. In 2022, the pool of numbers has been raised to 47. Introducing the additional seventh number inspired the creators to change the name of the game in certain parts of Australia. The lottery was called Super 7’s Oz Lotto or Oz 7 Lotto.

In 2012, the original name was restored – today the lottery is known all over Australia as OZ Lotto.

How to buy OZ Lotto lottery tickets?

If you want to play OZ Lotto on the territory of Australia – you can visit one of the thousands of official points of sale that you can find in every Australian state. Currently there are more than 4,000 authorized points of sale on the Australian territory, in which one can buy OZ Lotto tickets the traditional way. The official OZ Lotto lottery tickets can be purchased at newsstands that are affiliated partners or at characteristic lottery agencies that can be found at shopping malls, among other places.

For players staying on the Australian territory, the ability to buy tickets at the official points of sale is a convenient way that can be used during everyday shopping or on the way back from work, for example. It is not difficult to notice that vast majority of the clients of traditional points of sale for OZ Lotto tickets are older players and senior citizens. Younger fans of lottery games are switching in growing numbers towards the option of buying lottery tickets online.

A list of authorized points of sale for OZ Lotto tickets on the territory of Australia can be found on the official website of The Lott.

You can buy OZ Lotto tickets online!

OZ Lotto tickets

If you don’t have the ability to buy OZ Lotto tickets at local points of sale in one of the Australian states – you can use the modern, very convenient playing method that is offered by LottoPark. Open an account on our website, make a deposit using one of the many online payment methods offered and play OZ Lotto online.

You can buy OZ Lotto tickets online at any time of day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Remember that OZ Lotto tickets can be bought online no later than 7:30 PM local time on Tuesday. The tickets bought after 7:30 PM will participate in the next week’s drawing.

How to play the OZ Lotto lottery the traditional way?

That’s very simple! When you visit a local point of sale for OZ Lotto tickets – fill out a paper lottery coupon. Pick 7 numbers out of the 1 to 47 range – you can choose them on your own or ask for a ticket with automatically, all-randomly selected OZ Lotto numbers. The paper coupon is to be given to the clerk at the point of sale for lottery tickets, paid for and exchanged for an official OZ Lotto ticket.

Remember that you can pick more than one set of lucky numbers.

Also remember to store your paper OZ Lotto tickets in a safe place.

How to play OZ Lotto online?

It’s a convenient solution available 24/7 that you can use when you’re outside of Australia and want to play OZ Lotto online.

Set up an account on our website and make a deposit using one of the online payment methods.

Pick your lucky numbers on your own, like by betting on birthdays, numbers that make an important phone number or using some other number picking technique. You can also trust blind luck and choose the Quick Pick option that will get the numbers chosen completely randomly.

LottoPark offers two types of OZ Lotto tickets:

  • single ticket – which is a ticket that participates in the next drawing
  • multi-draws ticket – which is a ticket that participates in 5, 10, 25 or 52 drawings (5 drawings – 5% off, 10 drawings – 10% off, 25 drawings – 15% off, 52 drawings – 25% off)

At LottoPark you can buy more than one line (one set) of lucky numbers in OZ Lotto. Click the “More Lines +” option to add more lines. Make sure that each set contains different numbers, as it will increase your chances of winning the lottery.

The rules of OZ Lotto Australia

Australian lottery

The rules of the OZ Lotto lottery are very simple. The player has to pick 7 numbers out of the 1 to 45 range.

During a drawing, 7 basic numbers are drawn, plus 3 “complementary numbers” that are drawn from the same pool of numbers.

In order to win the OZ Lotto jackpot – one has to correctly select all 7 basic numbers.

“Complementary numbers” have their use with lower tier prizes.

OZ Lotto is a game for those above the age of 18. The exception is Western Australia, where OZ Lotto tickets can be bought by people above the age of 16.

How much can one win in OZ Lotto?

The basic OZ Lotto jackpot is 3,000,000 AUD. In case there is no winner – the prize pool is rolled over to the next drawing. The jackpot in OZ Lotto can be rolled over without any limitations.

The highest OZ Lotto jackpot to date was 112,000,000 AUD – November 2012.

Click to learn more about prizes and jackpots in OZ Lotto. Get familiar with all the information on the prize tiers and the chances of winning.

When do the OZ Lotto lottery drawings take place?

The drawings of the Australian OZ Lotto lottery take place once a week.

The lucky numbers are drawn every Tuesday at 8:30 PM local time, and the drawing ceremony is broadcast live on Channel 7 or 7TWO.

Remember that if you want to buy OZ Lotto tickets on the day of drawing – you can do so until 7:25 PM local time. The tickets purchased later – they will participate in the next week’s drawing.

How to check the OZ Lotto drawing results?

OZ Lotto draw

Players from Australia have a few different ways to look up the OZ Lotto drawing results. A very popular method is verifying the results while visiting a local point of sale for the Australian lottery tickets. The latest drawing results are published in the local press, as well as on many Australian websites.

Our players can check the OZ Lotto drawing results in a convenient way – by using our online lottery results database. The latest OZ Lotto drawing results are published on our website right after the drawing ends.

By using our lottery results archive you can look up the OZ Lotto results from a week ago, a few weeks ago, a few months ago, or even a year or two ago.

Is it worth it to buy OZ Lotto Australia lottery tickets?

Of course! OZ Lotto is a lot of fun plus chances of winning attractive prizes. Whereas huge rollovers don’t happen very often in the OZ Lotto lottery, at least this lottery offers much higher chances of winning than American or European lotteries.

When using LottoPark, you no longer have to fly to Australia to buy OZ Lotto tickets in person. You can make a purchase while sitting comfortably at home anywhere in the world. OZ Lotto tickets online are available around the clock, 7 days a week.

Play OZ Lotto with us and experience incredible excitement during the drawing.