OZ Lotto Results & Australian Lottery Draw Winning Numbers

Estimated jackpot: A$30,000,000
Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
Winners:   0 Payout per winner:   A$0.00
Prize #2 II Match
6+ 1
Winners:   6 Payout per winner:   A$56,203.55
Prize #3 III Match
Winners:   99 Payout per winner:   A$4,025.60
Prize #4 IV Match
5+ 1
Winners:   884 Payout per winner:   A$346.80
Prize #5 V Match
Winners:   4,582 Payout per winner:   A$53.55
Prize #6 VI Match
Winners:   118,409 Payout per winner:   A$25.65
Prize #7 VII Match
3+ 1
Winners:   317,050 Payout per winner:   A$15.35
Total Sum: Total Winners:   441,030 :   A$9,191,601.35

Check the latest OZ Lotto drawing results and compare them with the numbers you have picked while buying the Australian lottery tickets. Maybe you will be the lucky one and you will actually get to collect millions of Australian dollars?

Look up today’s OZ Lotto Australia results and see if you’ve won!

OZ Lotto results

If you have bought OZ Lotto Australia tickets – it’s a very good moment to check whether today’s OZ Lotto results are lucky for you. Every Tuesday drawing of this Australian lottery is your chance to win. Remember that it’s a good idea to check the results as soon as possible after the drawing ends, because if you forget to verify them – you may even miss the deadline for collecting your winnings!

How to check the OZ Lotto lottery results?

That’s very simple! There are several methods of checking the latest OZ Lotto drawing results. If you live in Australia – you can use the traditional form of checking the results and the OZ Lotto lucky numbers. You can verify them while visiting a local point of sale for tickets. You can also check the drawing results in your favorite local press or simply watch the OZ Lottery drawing live on local TV.

You can also use numerous Australian websites that publish the latest lottery drawing results.

The easiest and fastest way to look up the OZ Lotto drawing results from any place around the world is using our services. LottoPark publishes the latest OZ Lotto drawing results right after the end of drawing. Our specialists make sure to deliver the current results of the Australian lottery faster than the local news portals.

When using LottoPark, you can check the drawing results, buy OZ Lotto tickets online in a convenient and secure way, as well as use numerous tips, advice and information from the world of online lotteries.

The OZ Lotto drawing on Tuesday

OZ Lotto winning numbers

The OZ Lotto winning numbers are drawn once a week. The OZ Lotto drawing takes place every Tuesday at 8:30 PM local time.

OZ Lottery tickets can be bought all week, and on the day of drawing until 7:25 PM local time. Tickets bought on Tuesday after 7:25 PM will take place in the next week’s OZ Lotto drawing.

The archive for drawing results and OZ Lotto winning numbers

LottoPark provides not only the current OZ Lotto drawing results but also a carefully maintained archive of results and OZ Lotto winning numbers. It means that by using our database you can check which numbers were drawn as the winning ones a week ago, a month ago, or even a year ago.

The archive of lottery drawing results is used most often by those who create different types of statistics that allow to compose a set of numbers drawn most often as the winning ones, or drawn least often as the OZ Lotto winning numbers.

By using the archive of OZ Lotto results, you can see if your favorite numbers have ever won in the past. Are you curious about that? Click the drawing dates and check the OZ Lotto results from the past.

OZ Lotto – the winners and prizes

LottoPark is perfectly aware of the fact that there’s more to drawing results than just the winning numbers in a particular drawing. Which is exactly why our table presents detailed information on the number of winners for individual OZ Lotto prize categories and the amount of prize money for individual price tiers.

Analyze the table from the last drawing, you can also check the table of winners and prizes from previous drawings to see how many players won prizes and what amounts we’re talking about.

To many players, the table of OZ Lotto prizes and winners is additional motivation to buy lottery tickets online and participate in playing one of the most interesting lotteries in the world.

OZ Lotto drawing results – the numbers picked the most and least often

As we have already mentioned, plenty of people analyze the archive of OZ Lottery drawing results to create statistics for the numbers drawn in the Australian lottery. You want to try the “hot numbers” strategy and mark the numbers drawn as the winning ones most often in the next drawing?

Australian lottery results

The numbers drawn most often in OZ Lotto drawings:

  • basic numbers: 33, 25, 2, 28, 17, 27, 45
  • complementary numbers: 21, 8, 34, 36

Check how effective is the “hot numbers” method or its opposite – the “cold numbers” method.

The numbers drawn least often in OZ Lotto drawings:

  • basic numbers: 10, 38, 30, 42, 11
  • complementary numbers: 3, 12, 29, 37

Buy lucky tickets and keep your fingers crossed for favorable results in OZ Lotto Australia

If you want to see if the OZ Lotto drawing results have been lucky for you – don’t hesitate and buy OZ Lotto tickets online right now. Maybe you will actually be the one to join the exclusive ranks of millionaires who have won their fortune thanks to the Australian lottery?

We wish you big winnings and a lot of fun!

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