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How to play Quina?

Quina online

Quina is one of the most popular lotteries in Brazil. The first draw took place in 1994 and from this moment Quina gains new loyal fans in the whole country. Brazilian players can buy Quina tickets at local points of sale. They have to fill in a paper lottery coupon and collect the official Quina traditional paper ticket. Is it possible to play Quina online?

How to play Quina online?

Thanks to LottoPark you can play Quina online if you want to skip the queues to Brazilian lottery stores or you live outside Brazil. The first step is registration on our website. Next, you should select your numbers and pay for the ticket.

Quina lottery tickets online are available 24/7, whenever you want. All you need to buy the tickets is a smartphone, laptop, PC with an Internet connection, and online payment methods. Quina lottery is available for players from all over the world at LottoPark!

Quina rules

Quina lottery draw takes place 6 days a week – from Monday to Saturday at 8.00 p.m. local time in Brazil.

All the rules are simple. To play Quina a player has to select 5 numbers within 1-80 range. It can be done manually or by “Quick Pick” tool that selects all the numbers 100% randomly.

To win the Brazilian Quina lottery jackpot – all 5 selected numbers must match to winning numbers chosen during the draw.

Quina de Sao Joao

Playing Quina online at LottoPark is easy and safe!

Quina de São João – a special draw of Quina

Besides a classic form of Quina with regular draws, this Brazilian lottery offers also an special draw, which is called “Quina de São João”. This draw takes place only once a year – June 24, except Sunday.

The rules of selecting numbers for Quina de São João are exactly the same as in the classic form of Quina – 5 numbers from 80.

In Quina de São João draw, there is no classic jackpot that can rollover. If none of the players wins a premier prize – whole the amount for premier prizes will be shared between all the winners of the 2nd tier of Quina de São João prizes.

Quina tickets

We offer Quina lottery tickets for the upcoming draw at LottoPark. At the moment a “multi-draw” option is not available for this lottery.

When you play the Quina lottery online – you don’t have to remember where you hid your paper ticket. We guarantee that your Quina online tickets are safe and you can check them whenever you want. All your tickets purchased online are visible in the “My tickets” section of your player’s account.

Quina prizes

Brazilian lottery

The minimum jackpot for Quina regular draw starts from R$700,000 (approximately € 110,000). To hit the jackpot – all 5 numbers must match Quina winning numbers. If none of the players wins the main prize – there is a rollover and you can win much more in the next draw.

The largest Quina jackpot in history was won in July 2020 by 3 lucky players. The jackpot reached R$35,000,000.

The largest Quina jackpot in history won by a single player was won in September 2019 and reached R$32,700,00.

The chances of winning the Quina jackpot are 1 in 24,040,016.

Quina has 4 tiers of prizes, including the jackpot. To win the smallest prize 2 matching numbers are required.

Overall chances of winning any prize are 1 in 34.18

Quina de São João prizes

The jackpot in a special draw exceeds R$100,000,000.

In 2021 the Quina de São João jackpot reached R$190,000,000 and was shared between 8 players. It was the highest Quina de São João jackpot ever.

Besides a main prize – Quina de São João has the next 3 tiers of prizes. In case of lack of at least one winner of the jackpot – the prize pool is shared between winners of the 2nd tier of prizes (4 matched winning numbers).

If you want to know more – check all the details of the Quina prizes and chances of winning.

How to check Quina results

LottoPark is the fastest and most comfortable method of checking the newest Quina results and winning numbers. We took care of the interests of our players, that’s why we publish the official Quina results immediately after the draw.

Brazilian Quina

We present a rich Quina results archive for those who like to analyze lottery statistics and previous lottery results. Our database presents winning numbers up to 12 months back.

Quina – tips for the players

To increase your chances of winning buy more lines and try to cover as many numbers as you can. Always remember to select a different set of lucky numbers for each Quina lottery line.

Use our lottery results archive to check which combinations of numbers won the Quina lottery in the past. Do not use the same numbers as the winning set drawn in the past. It’s really unlikely that the same set of numbers will be drawn again.