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French Keno

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You can pick 2 - 10 numbers within 1 - 70 range

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You can pick 2 - 10 numbers within 1 - 70 range
The higher the stake, the bigger the win. You can win up to €2,000,000 while picking 10 numbers with x10 stake

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The higher the stake, the bigger the win. You can win up to €2,000,000 while picking 10 numbers with x10 stake
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French Keno online

French Keno, also known as “Keno Gagnant à Vie”, is a highly popular lottery game in France. Its fame has spread far beyond the French borders, reaching lottery enthusiasts in many countries across Europe. Thanks to the online lottery platform, LottoPark, you can now play French Keno online from any part of the world. All you need to do is register on the LottoPark website and pick your lucky numbers.

How to Play French Keno?

Playing French Keno, or “Keno Gagnant à Vie”, as it’s popularly known in France, is a thrilling experience, whether you choose to do it offline in the traditional way or online on trusted platforms such as LottoPark.

French Keno Offline

In France, you can participate in the “Keno Gagnant à Vie” lottery by visiting one of the local lottery ticket outlets organized by Française des Jeux. These outlets are conveniently located in every French city, with more than twenty-nine thousand points of sale spread across over eleven thousand French communes.

At an official French Keno outlet, you have the option to fill out a paper ticket and choose your own numbers that will participate in the draw. Alternatively, if you prefer to leave it up to chance, you can opt for the “Quick Pick” feature for an automatic selection of numbers.

French Keno tickets

French Keno Online

Many international lottery fans have enjoyed buying “Keno Gagnant à Vie” tickets during their visits to France. However, with the advent of the internet and trusted websites like LottoPark, you can now play French Keno online, no matter where you are.

On our platform, you can purchase Keno lottery tickets online 24/7 in a convenient, secure, and modern way. You can either choose your own numbers or use the handy “Quick Pick” option.

French Keno Online Tickets

At LottoPark, you can purchase tickets for the upcoming Keno Gagnant à Vie draw with just a few clicks. If you’re feeling lucky, you can easily buy more than 5 lines of lucky numbers. All you have to do is select the “Add another line” option and choose as many sets of numbers as you like. Remember, every additional line is an extra chance to win the attractive Keno prizes!

French Keno Gagnant à Vie – Game Rules

play French Keno

The rules of French Keno Gagnant à Vie are straightforward, making it a favourite among many lottery enthusiasts. Players can pick from 2 to 10 numbers within a range of 1 to 70.

There’s also a Multiplier option from 1 to 10. The higher your stake, the bigger your potential win. With the right combination of 10 numbers at a x10 stake, you could win up to €2,000,000! In each session, a maximum of 20 numbers are drawn.

When to Play French Keno?

French Keno Gagnant à Vie draws are held every day, giving you daily chances to win! The draws take place every 7 hours, between 13:00 – 20:00 GMT+1. Just imagine, every day brings a new opportunity to become a millionaire!

How to Check French Keno Draw Results?

The easiest way to check the results of Keno Gagnant à Vie for LottoPark players is, of course, on our website. On our dedicated Keno results page, you can effortlessly find the latest French Keno draw results.

Additionally, we have a cutting-edge mobile app where you can conveniently check the latest results on your smartphone’s screen. With LottoPark, keeping up with Keno Gagnant à Vie results has never been easier.

French Keno Gagnant à Vie

How Much Can You Win in French Keno?

French Keno is a lottery game that offers a range of prizes, with the maximum win reaching a whopping €2,000,000 on LottoPark. To win this amount, players must choose 10 numbers and a Multiplier of 10.

If all these numbers are drawn, the jackpot is yours. Even if your numbers aren’t drawn, you can still win prizes! For more information on the prize tiers and how to claim your winnings, visit the “French Keno Prizes” subpage at LottoPark.

Whether you are a seasoned lottery player or a newcomer, French Keno offers an exciting and accessible lottery experience. So why wait? Register on LottoPark and try your luck with French Keno online today. Buy your tickets and have fun!