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How to play Mega Sena online?

Mega Sena online

Mega Sena is the most popular lottery in Brazil and all of South America. The draw of this amazing lottery takes place twice a week: every Wednesday and Saturday at 8.00 p.m. local time.

In Brazil, anyone can play the Mega Sena lottery in a traditional way. The queues to the local points of sale are always long, because almost everyone wants to participate in the draw of the national lottery. To buy a traditional Mega Sena ticket, the player has to fill in a paper lottery coupon.

Mega Sena online

Those players who want to use a modern method of playing Mega Sena can use our services and buy Mega Sena tickets online.

You can also play this Brazilian lottery online here at LottoPark. It doesn’t matter where you live – thanks to LottoPark, the lottery world has no borders. Mega Sena tickets are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the players from all over the globe.

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Mega Sena rules

All of Mega Sena rules are quite easy to understand. To play – select 6 numbers within 1-60 range. You can do it manually or using the “Quick Pick” option. Our tool picks Mega Sena numbers 100% randomly.

To win the Mega Sena jackpot – all of your 6 numbers must match the winning numbers drawn.

Mega Sena special draw – Mega da Virada

Besides Mega Sena regular draws, this lottery offers a special draw, which is called ” Mega da Virada”. This event takes place on December 31 every year.

All of the rules of playing Mega da Virada are almost the same as in a classic form of this Brazilian lottery. The difference between the New Year’s draw and the regular Mega Sena draw is the huge jackpot to be won and a method of distribution of money prizes in case nobody wins the jackpot.

Mega Sena lottery

Mega Sena tickets

We offer Mega Sena tickets online for the upcoming draw at LottoPark. It means the “multi-draw” tickets are not available for this Brazilian lottery.

Of course, you can buy more than one line of lucky numbers for Mega Sena. If 5 lines are not enough – click on the button “More lines” and choose as many new lines as you need.

We recommend selecting a different set of numbers for each line for Mega Sena upcoming draw.

You can easily check all of your Mega Sena tickets purchased online on your account at LottoPark in „My tickets” section.

Mega Sena prizes

A classic form of Mega Sena lottery offers 3 tiers of prizes:

  • 35% goes to the Mega Sena jackpot prize
  • 19% goes to the Mega Sena 2nd tier prizes
  • 19% goes to the Mega Sena 3rd tier prizes

The minimum Mega Sena jackpot starts from R$ 3,000,000 (approximately € 480,000). The jackpot has no upper limits, so it means that the jackpot will grow until somebody wins the Mega Sena lottery!

The biggest Mega Sena jackpot in the history reached R$ 289,000,000 in May 2019.

The small number of secondary prizes guarantees winners bigger winnings than in other lottery games, where the prize pool must be shared between a few lower-tiers prizes.

Brazilian lottery

Mega da Virada prizes

The jackpot for Mega da Virada is approximately R$ 300,000,000. The Mega Da Virada jackpot is funded by setting aside 5% of the income generated from the year’s classic draws of Mega Sena.

The largest winning for Mega da Virada took place in 2020 and reached R$ 325,200,000!

If nobody hits the jackpot during the Mega da Virada draw – all of the money from the jackpot goes to players who correctly selected 5 numbers.

Check our section about Mega Sena prizes and chances of winning.

How to check Mega Sena results

Our website is the fastest method of checking Mega Sena results. We know that the newest lotto results are extremely important for every player, so that’s why we publish the latest Mega Sena results immediately after the draw.

Our players can also use the Mega Sena results and winning numbers archive. We present Brazilian lottery results from previous draws. You can use our archive to prepare your strategies for choosing the lucky numbers.

Thanks to LottoPark you can play Mega Sena online and verify the newest Mega Sena results in one place. It’s an easy and safe solution available 24/7!

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Mega Sena – tips for the players

Mega Sena tickets

Don’t forget to buy the tickets for Mega Sena special draw – Mega da Virada. You can buy a ticket for this draw at the end of December.

If you don’t know which numbers to pick as your lucky numbers for the upcoming Mega Sena draw – use our “Quick Pick” tool. It is worth trusting your fate and your luck. Many millionaires in Brazil and around the world have won a fortune thanks to randomly selected numbers.

Even if you don’t win the jackpot, don’t worry. Use your smaller prizes to buy more Mega Sena tickets online. The more you play – the more chances of winning you have.

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