Mega Sena Results and Winning Numbers

Estimated jackpot: R$47,000,000
Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
Winners:   0 Payout per winner:   R$0.00
Prize #2 II Match
Winners:   59 Payout per winner:   R$62,041.66
Prize #3 III Match
Winners:   3,760 Payout per winner:   R$1,390.75
Total Sum: Total Winners:   3,819 :   R$8,889,677.94

Check out the latest Mega Sena draw results and compare them with the numbers you’ve chosen. You might just be the next lucky winner! On our website, you can also check the Mega Sena results from previous draws, information about the prize amounts for each draw, and the number of winners of the Brazilian lottery.

The current Mega Sena draw results are sourced from the official site of the Brazilian lottery organizer.

Check today’s Mega Sena results and see if you have won!

Mega Sena results

In Brazil, one of the most anticipated moments of the week is the Mega Sena draw. This national lottery has become a staple in the country, attracting millions of Brazilians who regularly participate in the draws. The excitement is palpable as people eagerly check the Mega Sena results, hoping to see their numbers among the Mega Sena winning numbers.

The official Mega Sena results can be checked at the official sale points of Mega Sena tickets operated by Caixa Econômica Federal. They are also published on social media, in local newspapers, and on the official website of Brazil’s national lottery. The thrill of checking the latest Mega Sena results is a shared experience, bringing together communities and families in anticipation and hope.

Check the Latest Mega Sena Winning Numbers at LottoPark

But what if you’re not in Brazil? No worries, you can still participate in the excitement! We offer the convenience of checking the lottery results on our website or through our handy mobile application. This makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to keep up with the latest Mega Sena numbers.

Mega Sena Draws – When Do They Take Place?

Mega Sena draw

The timing of the Mega Sena draw can fluctuate slightly week by week, but it typically occurs at 8pm Brasilia time, which translates to approximately 1am UK time on the following day.

The reason behind these minor time variations lies in the unique structure of the draw itself. The Mega Sena draw sometimes takes place in a TV studio, but on other occasions, it is held in the Caminhão da Sorte (‘Luck Truck’). This mobile draw venue travels across Brazil, providing local residents with the opportunity to witness and engage in the draw proceedings first-hand.

Mega da Virada Draw

Every December 31st, a special event takes place – the Mega da Virada draw. This unique draw is an opportunity to win truly gigantic prizes in the Mega Sena lottery. The anticipation leading up to this draw is electric, as people across Brazil and the world wait to see the Mega Sena result.

Archival Mega Sena Draw Results

But the excitement doesn’t stop with the latest Mega Sena results. At LottoPark, you can also check the Mega Sena results from previous days. To do this, simply select the appropriate date and draw time from the dropdown box.

These archival Mega Sena results are more than just historical records. They can be used to check your favourite numbers from the past to see if they have ever won a prize. You can also create your own Mega Sena numbers statistics and develop strategies based on these statistics.

Mega Sena winners

Mega Sena Winners & Prizes

The Mega Sena draw is not just about the numbers drawn; it’s also about the winners and the prizes. Each Mega Sena draw can turn a player into a winner, with many people walking away with attractive prizes after each draw. It’s always advisable to check the Mega Sena results at least twice, as it’s not just the jackpot that’s worth your attention.

In the table above, you can verify the exact amount of prizes for each tier in a given draw. You can also see how many players won prizes in that draw. This could serve as motivation and encouragement to participate in future Mega Sena draws. Remember, every draw is a new opportunity to win!

For detailed information on Mega Sena prizes and jackpot, visit our dedicated page at LottoPark.

Mega Sena Winning Numbers

The thrill of the Mega Sena draw lies in the anticipation of the winning numbers. Will your chosen numbers match the latest Mega Sena results? Will your lucky streak come into play? There’s only one way to find out – by participating in the draw and then checking the latest results.

Most Frequently Drawn Mega Sena Numbers

Do you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery? Then you might want to consider the most frequently drawn Mega Sena numbers. These numbers – 36, 5, 8, 21, 14, 38, and 3 – have shown up in the Mega Sena results more often than others, making them a popular choice for many players.

Mega Sena numbers

Least Frequently Drawn Mega Sena Numbers

On the other hand, you might prefer to go against the grain and choose the least frequently drawn Mega Sena numbers. These numbers – 47, 32, 31, 18, 15, 6, 48, 28, and 20 – don’t appear as often in the Mega Sena results, but who’s to say they won’t be the next Mega Sena winning numbers?

Whether you opt for the most frequently drawn numbers, the least frequently drawn numbers, or a combination of both, the most important thing is to enjoy the process. After all, that’s what the Mega Sena draw is all about!

Regardless if you’re an experienced lottery player or just dipping your toes into the lottery world, Mega Sena presents a thrilling chance to test your fortune. So why not pick your numbers and join in the anticipation for the next Mega Sena draw? Don’t wait any longer and play Mega Sena online at LottoPark! Who knows, the next Mega Sena result could be your lucky break!

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