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You’re looking for a lot of excitement and large chances of winning? Here’s the La Primitiva lottery all the way from the sunny Spain that will surely appeal to you. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this lottery yet – you have a great chance to do so. Check out all the information on La Primitiva, pick your lucky numbers and play La Primitiva online with us to win attractive prizes. We guarantee a lot of excitement and hot vibes!

The La Primitiva lottery – a bit of history

La Primitiva is the Spain’s national lottery with a very rich history. It is the oldest lottery in this country, and one of the oldest in the world. La Primitiva was created during the reign of Spanish king Charles III, at the initiative of marquess Esquilache. The purpose was to collect more money for the country without imposing another tax.

The first drawing of La Primitiva took place on 10th December 1763. Lottery drawings were taking place until 1862. The next La Primitiva drawing wouldn’t occur for more than 100 years, which was in 1985. Thanks to a royal decree of 1st August 1985, the La Primitiva lottery once again elevated the emotions of the Spanish to the extreme, offering one drawing a week – every Thursday.

In 1990, an additional La Primitiva drawing was introduced – every Saturday. At first, a lottery ticket cost 25 pesetas, which was about 0.15 EUR. These days the price for La Primitiva tickets at local points of sale is 1 EUR.

In June 1991, the Reintegro number was introduced, 0 to 9, which is randomly assigned to every La Primitiva ticket.

The La Primitiva lottery is adored by the Spanish and constitutes one of the key elements of the history of Spain. You can become a part of it if you play La Primitiva and win the main prize, which would change your life.

How to buy La Primitiva lottery tickets?

La Primitiva tickets online

If you live in Spain, you can use the traditional form of playing La Primitiva – official lottery tickets can be purchased at one of the official points of sale for lottery tickets belonging to Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. There are currently more than 11,000 such points across Spain.

At a traditional point of sale for La Primitiva tickets, one has to fill out a paper lottery ticket and mark 6 out of 49 numbers on it. The player may select more than one set of lucky numbers. The ticket is to be handed back to the seller and then paid for. The player is given a receipt for making a bet in form of a paper La Primitiva ticket.

If you live outside of Spain or prefer to use the option of playing in a convenient and modern way – play La Primitiva online. Thanks to LottoPark, you can play the La Primitiva lottery from any place in the world and at any time of day or night.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Romania, Peru, Nigeria, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa or Russia, Japan, Azerbaijan or any other country. By using LottoPark, you can buy lottery tickets online conveniently, safely and from any place you want!

In order to buy La Primitiva tickets online, you need to register on the LottoPark website, choose your lucky numbers and make a payment using one of the many online payment methods accepted on our website. After making a purchase, just wait for the latest La Primitiva drawing results.

Warning! La Primitiva lottery tickets are purchased by our agent at one of the official points of sale for the Spanish lottery tickets, and then scanned. The scan of your ticket can be checked at your player’s account.

How to play the La Primitiva lottery?

In order to participate in a La Primitiva lottery drawing, one has to fill out a ticket and select their lucky numbers. If you play the traditional way, which is at a local point of sale for La Primitiva tickets – you need to mark 6 lucky numbers on a paper ticket for the Spanish lottery. You can pick more lines, that way you will increase your chances of winning.

Once you hand the paper ticket back to the seller and pay for the tickets, you will get an official paper La Primitiva ticket that you need to guard with your life.

Remember that when playing La Primitiva at local points of sale, you can buy tickets for the next drawing no later than 8:30 PM local time in Spain. In the event of high rollover jackpots, there might be long lines in front of brick&mortar offices of people willing to participate in the drawing, that’s why you shouldn’t wait until the last moment to buy La Primitiva tickets.

In order to avoid lines and wasting time – you should use the option to play La Primitiva online through the LottoPark service.

The rules of the La Primitiva lottery

Spanish lottery online

La Primitiva is a 6/49 type lottery, which means that you have to pick 6 numbers out of 49.There are also two additional numbers selected during a drawing. WARNING! The player doesn’t pick the additional numbers!

The number referred to as the “complementary number” is a number selected out of the same pool of numbers as the basic numbers. During a drawing, the drawing machine picks 6 basic numbers, and then the seventh number, which is the complementary number.

Out of a separate pool of numbers, 0 to 9, the drawing machine selects the Reintegro number. This number is randomly assigned to every La Primitiva ticket.

In order to win the La Primitiva jackpot, you need 6 basic numbers and the Reintegro number.

If you have correctly selected 6 basic numbers – you can claim the second tier prize.

If you correctly select 5 basic numbers and your sixth number is the complementary number – you can claim the third tier prize.

If your La Primitiva ticket contains the Reintegro number – you get a 1 EUR refund on the costs of buying the ticket.

How to play La Primitiva online?

As we have already mentioned, you can play the La Primitiva lottery online using LottoPark’s help. After registering on our website, you need to select 6 lucky numbers out of 49 that you believe will be selected during the drawing. You can use our help with selecting the numbers – we offer the Quick Pick option, which is automatic selection of numbers. Here you rely 100% on the ticket!

You can also select your numbers on your own. You can choose dates of important events, numbers related to your phone number, apartment number or other numbers that may bring you good luck. The number selection method is up to you!

There are two types of La Primitiva tickets you can buy on the LottoPark website:

  • single-draw – which is a La Primitiva ticket for the single next lottery drawing
  • multi-draw – which is a La Primitiva ticket for several drawings: 5 drawings (5% off), 10 drawings (10% off), 25 drawings (15% off) and 52 drawings (25% off).

La Primitiva lottery tickets can be bought at any time of day or night. You don’t have to stand in lines or remember about when a traditional office closes. Thanks to LottoPark, you can play La Primitiva online whenever you want! You can even buy tickets in the middle of night, on weekends, sitting comfortably on the couch at home, stuck in traffic or during a train ride. All you need is Internet access and a mobile device. With LottoPark the world of lotteries has no limits!

How much can you win in the La Primitiva lottery?

Spanish lottery tickets

The basic jackpot in La Primitiva is 2,000,000 euro. A player that wants to win the main prize needs all 6 basic numbers plus the Reintegro number on their ticket. If none of the players wins the first tier prize during the drawing – there’s a rollover, which means that the La Primitiva jackpot and the lower tier prizes get bigger.

In the La Primitiva lottery, the jackpot has no upper limit. It means that the jackpot can keep rolling over until at least one of the platers hits the jackpot and wins the main prize.

The record jackpot in La Primitiva was whole 101,724,559 EUR on 15th October 2015.

On this website you can learn more about the La Primitiva jackpot and the lower tier prizes.

When do La Primitiva lottery drawings take place?

La Primitiva drawings take place twice a week – on every Thursday and every Saturday. Which means as many as 108 chances to win throughout the year!

A drawing takes place at 9:30 PM local time in Madrid. The lucky numbers get drawn at the headquarter of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

Remember that if you want to participate in the Thursday drawing – La Primitiva tickets can be bought until 8:30 PM local time on Thursday. If you want to participate in the Saturday drawing, lottery tickets can be bought until 8:30 PM local time on Saturday.

How to check La Primitiva lottery drawing results?

That’s very simple! If you play La Primitiva on the Spanish territory – the latest lottery drawing results can be looked up at a local lottery office. You can also watch the drawing live on Spanish TV. Another way to see which numbers have been drawn during the drawing is local press.

If you’re looking for a more convenient way to check lottery results or you live outside of Spain and can’t use the local methods – LottoPark is for you!

La Primitiva lottery tickets

We publish the latest drawing results for every lottery available on our website directly after the drawing ends. The official La Primitiva results are downloaded from the website of this incredible game’s organizer, which means you can be sure that you will find reliable information here. By using LottoPark you can play online and look up the latest drawing results online. It’s convenient, safe and really easy!

Is buying La Primitiva lottery tickets worth it?

Of course! The La Primitiva lottery is a lot of fun and tons of excitement. As often as twice a week you have a chance to win truly attractive prizes. The minimum jackpot is 2,000,000 EUR – how many dreams would you be able to make come true if you had such winnings in your pocket?

The La Primitiva lottery offers simple rules and much higher chances of winning the lottery than the American Powerball lottery, for example. The prices of Spanish lottery tickets are attractive. For a small amount of money you can join the ranks of La Primitiva fans and have tons of fun in the unique Spanish style. Who knows – maybe actually you will be the next lottery millionaire who has won their fortune thanks to the Spanish lottery?

Don’t wait any longer and buy lucky La Primitiva tickets online today!