La Primitiva Lottery Winning Numbers and Draw Results

Estimated jackpot: €26,000,000
La Primitiva

La Primitiva

Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
6+ R
Winners:   0 Payout per winner:   €0.00
Prize #2 II Match
Winners:   1 Payout per winner:   €1,575,278.90
Prize #3 III Match
5+ 1
Winners:   4 Payout per winner:   €59,072.96
Prize #4 IV Match
Winners:   143 Payout per winner:   €3,580.18
Prize #5 V Match
Winners:   9,592 Payout per winner:   €86.22
Prize #6 VI Match
Winners:   189,452 Payout per winner:   €8.00
Prize #7 VII Match
Winners:   1,119,406 Payout per winner:   €1.00
Total Sum: Total Winners:   1,318,598 Total Prize:   €5,785,580.72

Look up today’s La Primitiva drawing results and see if it’s you whom fortune smiled on! Maybe you will be the one who will get to claim attractive prizes?

Compare your lucky numbers with the La Primitiva winning numbers. Check them very carefully!

Here you can also check the archive of La Primitiva drawing results and check the La Primitiva drawing results on Thursday and Saturday for this week and the previous drawings.

Check today’s La Primitiva results and see if you’ve won!

If you have bought La Primitiva tickets – you would certainly like to know which numbers have been drawn by the drawing machine as the ones that authorize to claim the La Primitiva jackpot and the lower tier prizes. Can you feel the thrill and excitement? The most important moment in the game for every lottery fan is checking the current drawing results and comparing the winning numbers with the lucky numbers featured on the favorite lottery’s ticket. Maybe it is actually your lottery numbers that have been drawn and you’re the winner?

Don’t wait any longer and check today’s La Primitiva results on our website. The table above shows the latest La Primitiva drawing results, as well as information on the amount of winnings for individual tiers and the number of winners who correctly picked the winning numbers.

Remember to compare your ticket with today’s official La Primitiva drawing results very carefully. Check the numbers at least twice to be 100% sure that you haven’t missed anything. We know plenty of stories where players forgot to check the latest La Primitiva drawing results and lost their chances of claiming huge money.

How to check the La Primitiva lottery results?

That’s very simple! The easiest way to check today’s La Primitiva drawing results is on our website. When creating LottoPark for our players, we wanted to provide them with convenience and everything they need to have a good time and play for attractive money. On our website, you can buy La Primitiva tickets online, and then look up the latest La Primitiva drawing results.

You can be sure that today’s La Primitiva results presented by us are the official drawing results that we publish directly after a Spanish lottery drawing ends. We download them from the organizer’s official website and carefully verify them.

If you live on the Spanish territory – you can also check today’s La Primitiva results the traditional way. You can watch the drawing live on local TV. You can also use the local press or check today’s La Primitiva results when visiting a local lottery office. Another good source of information are Spanish news portals where you can easily look up today’s La Primitiva results and the winning numbers of the previous drawings.

La Primitiva drawings on Thursday and Saturday

Initially the drawings for the Spanish La Primitiva lottery only took place once a week. The Thursday La Primitiva drawings kept attracting the players’ interest and generating more and more income for the lottery’s organizer. In 1990, they decided to introduce an additional La Primitiva drawing on Saturday. This turned out to be a great decision – the Saturday drawing very soon won interest and a lot of loyal players.

Thanks to La Primitiva drawings taking place on Thursday and Saturday – you have as many as two chances to win every week. Which means that throughout the year you have 108 chances for the La Primitiva jackpot and lower tier prizes.

The La Primitiva drawing on Thursday and Saturday takes place at 9:30 PM local time in Madrid.

In order to participate in a La Primitiva drawing on Thursday – the lottery tickets can be bought until 8:30 PM local time on Thursday. In order to participate in a La Primitiva drawing on Saturday – tickets should be bought before 8:30 PM local time on Saturday.

Sales statistics for Spanish lottery tickets indicate that the La Primitiva drawing on Saturday enjoys greater interest than the Thursday drawing. This applies to tickets sold at local points of sale in Spain. The La Primitiva ticket sales on Thursday and Saturday at LottoPark, on the other hand, enjoy similar interest. Buying tickets online is simply more convenient and doesn’t require wasting time on visiting a point of sale, which players don’t always have time for throughout the work week.

La Primitiva drawing results archive

Huge interest among the La Primitiva lottery fans is enjoyed by the La Primitiva drawing results archive. It is a database of results for previous drawings – from a week ago, a few weeks ago, a few months, or even a few years. Our website allows players to look up not only today’s La Primitiva results but also La Primitiva results from the last Thursday or last Saturday, or even the lucky numbers from 2 years ago.

How can one make use of the lottery results archive? Based on results from previous drawings, one can create different numerical statistics, which might help with preparing own set of numbers that the player believes might be drawn. Thanks to the archive where one can find La Primitiva drawing results from Thursday and Saturday in previous weeks, the player might see if their lucky numbers have ever won in the past.

The lottery archive makes it possible to see which numbers were drawn during the La Primitiva drawing on Thursday or Saturday a week ago, two weeks ago or a month ago – this is a use that is very often utilized by people who have forgotten to check the drawing results on the same day. Plenty of lottery winners have claimed their prizes thanks to checking the results archive for yesterday’s La Primitiva results or drawing results from a week or a few weeks ago.

La Primitiva – the winners and prizes

As we have already mentioned, our table with La Primitiva results allows to see not only which numbers have been selected during a drawing. The La Primitiva results are also results on the amount of winnings for individual prize tiers, as well as information on how many players have won prizes for a particular prize tier.

Plenty of players, when checking the La Primitiva drawing results, wish to also find out how many players have won any prize. Such information is a confirmation that it really is possible to win in the Spanish lottery, it is an additional motivation to buy tickets and an incentive to participate in the game and give oneself a chance to one day join the ranks of winners.

LottoPark makes it possible to check detailed information on the winners and the amounts of winnings in the La Primitiva lottery not only for the latest drawing but also for dozens of previous drawings.

In order to learn more about the La Primitiva jackpot and prizes – click and learn detailed information.

La Primitiva drawing results – the numbers picked most often

One of the most often used techniques intended to increase the chances for today’s or yesterday’s La Primitiva results bringing the player a huge fortune is for the players to select the numbers that have been drawn most often. Based on statistics from several dozens or several hundreds of results of previous drawings, players create sets of numbers that they believe have the highest chances of getting drawn again. Does this method work? If that was the case, it would be really easy to win the lottery.

For the players who believe in this method, we have prepared information on the most often picked numbers in the La Primitiva lottery:

  • the numbers drawn most often in La Primitiva on Thursday: 4, 7, 13, 18, 22, 25, 29, 31, 37, 42, 45, 48, Reintegro: 4, 7
  • the numbers drawn most often in La Primitiva on Saturday: 4, 9, 15, 19, 24, 26, 33, 37, 41, 45, 46, Reintegro: 0, 3

If you want to try the method of most often drawn numbers in the La Primitiva lottery – the decision is up to you!

How can today’s La Primitiva results change your life?

Every player, when looking up yesterday’s La Primitiva results or the today’s results, is hoping that they will be their lucky ones. You also certainly hope that one day the numbers drawn are identical with the numbers on your Spanish lottery ticket. Have you ever wondered how lucky La Primitiva drawing results could impact your life? Plenty of players don’t imagine that and only start thinking about it when it turns out that today’s La Primitiva results authorize them to claim a big prize.

Lucky today’s La Primitiva results might help secure your future. By winning huge money you can invest it in your own business, which would enable you to multiply your fortune. You can for example set up a company that you’ve always dreamed of. You can also invest money in cryptocurrencies, gold, company stocks with high chances of huge success. You can secure the future of your children, or even your grandchildren! If you’re going to make reasonable decisions – La Primitiva results might do a lot of good to you and your loved ones. What is more – you can also get involved in charity work and help others.

Remember that if the La Primitiva results bring you fortune – you should remain level headed and manage your money in a reasonable way. Reasonable players who know how to resists temptations can enjoy their winnings for years to come!

Buy lucky tickets and have your fingers crossed for favorable La Primitiva results

You want La Primitiva results to change your life for better? Buy Spanish lottery tickets online today and think positively! Maybe when you check the Thursday or Saturday La Primitiva results – fortune will be on your side. Remember that believing in success can work miracles. Maybe you will actually be the one who one day, while checking yesterday’s La Primitiva results, will learn that it was your lucky day when you hit the jackpot in the Spanish lottery!

La Primitiva

La Primitiva