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How to play Powerball Australia?

play Powerball Australia online

Powerball is the most popular lottery in Australia. From the first draw, which was held in 1996, the Australian lottery gains new loyal players. Thanks to LottoPark you can join them and play Powerball Australia online wherever and whenever you want.

All adult Australians can play in a traditional lottery – by visiting a local lottery office.

We offer a much better, faster, and easier method of playing the lottery. If you don’t have time to visit a local lottery store or you live outside Australia – we are here for you. You can play Powerball Australia online 24/7 at LottoPark.

If you have a smartphone, PC, or laptop with an Internet connection and online payment methods – you can use our services from the comfort of your home and play Powerball Australia online to win big.

Powerball Australia rules

Powerball Australia draw takes place only once a week – every Thursday at 8.30 p.m. local time in Melbourne.

To play this game it’s necessary to select 7 basic numbers within 1-35 range and one additional “Powerball” number within 1-20 range. To win the jackpot, all 8 numbers must match Powerball Australia winning numbers.

The player can make a selection of numbers manually or by using the “Quick Pick” tool that chooses numbers randomly.

Powerball Australia tickets

Powerball Australia online

Our players can buy Powerball Australia tickets online for the upcoming draw and for the next draws.

For this lottery we offer two types of tickets:

  • single ticket – for the upcoming draw
  • “multi-draw ticket” – for 5, 10, 25, or 52 draws. This type of ticket offers discounts – up to 25%.

Bear in mind that you can order a multiple of 4 lines only. If you need more than 4 lines – just click on the button “More lines” and select the next 4 combinations of lucky numbers for Powerball Australia draws.

Your tickets are safe at LottoPark. You can check Powerball Australia tickets purchased online anytime at your player’s account in “My tickets” section.

Powerball Australia prizes

Powerball Australia basic jackpot is A$3,000,000. To win the jackpot – all 8 numbers selected by a player must match the Powerball Australia winning numbers chosen during the draw.

The largest jackpot in the history of this lottery reached A$ 150,000,000 on 19 September 2019 and was won by 3 lucky players.

The chances of winning the Powerball Australia jackpot are 1 in 134,490,400.

This lottery has 9 prize tiers. To win the smallest prize 2 basic numbers and a Powerball number are required.

Overall chances of winning any prize are 1 in 44.38.

You can check all the details about the winnings and chances of winning here: Powerball Australia prizes information.

How to check Powerball Australia results

In Australia, you can check the newest lotto results and winning numbers in a few different ways. You can visit a local lottery store and check the winning numbers chosen in the last draw. It is also possible to check the results in local newspapers or watch the draw live on TV.

If you want to check Powerball Australia results faster and easier – LottoPark is here for you. We publish the newest results immediately after the draw of this Australian lottery.

Thanks to LottoPark our players can verify the latest results of Powerball Australia whenever they want. What is more – we also provide a lottery results archive with Powerball Australia results from the previous draws. Our archive of winning numbers can be helpful for creating own strategies for playing and selecting lucky numbers.

Powerball Australia tickets

Powerball Australia – tips for the players

The most important tip: do not skip the draws if you really want to win the Australian lottery. Every single draw is a chance to win. You never know when your lucky numbers will be drawn!

If you don’t know how to choose your numbers for Powerball Australia draw – use the popular “Quick Pick” solution. Many lotto millionaires won their fortunes thanks to 100% randomly selected numbers.

You can use small winnings to buy more Powerball Australia tickets. The more you play – the more chances of winning you have.

You can find more Australian lotteries and almost 30 different lottery games worth your attention at LottoPark. Check them all and play lotto online to win the biggest prizes out there!

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