Bonoloto – one of the best Spanish lotteries


BonoLoto is one of the lotteries governed by the Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. BonoLoto had its first draw on 28 February 1988. The game is aimed at providing frequent draws at reasonable prices. Reintegro (Reimbursement) was introduced to BonoLoto in 1991.

BonoLoto is one of the most popular lotteries in Spain and the reasons for this are quite obvious. It’s an easy game to learn, draws are done 6 times a week, jackpots are fixed at a sizable sum of money, and they roll over to the next draw when no one wins. BonoLoto may not have gained grounds as big games like SuperEnalotto or Mega Millions, but there’s still a lot that distinguishes it from the rest. Do you want to have more knowledge about it? Read on as we present other details about BonoLoto.


BonoLoto makes use of the standard 6/49 lotto mechanic, so for those who are used to the lottery, this should instantly feel familiar. For those who are new to the game, you just choose six numbers from a selection pool ranging from 1 to 49. To qualify as the winner of the jackpot, all six of your numbers must be matched to the official numbers drawn. It is just as easy as that.

Just like La Primitiva, however, BonoLoto features the Complementario to the mix — a 7th number that, if five of the main numbers are matched along with it, determines who the winner of the second-tier prize would be. You must note that the Complementario is not chosen by players.

Meanwhile, BonoLoto also uses a randomly drawn Reintegro number — again, which looks like La Primitiva. When you match only the Reintegro and none of your numbers, you can receive a refund of the cost of a single line.

Speaking of cost, BonoLoto is known for its appreciably cheap ticket prices. The cost of a single line is €0.50, while the minimum amount required for you to play is €1.00. This can be done by playing 2 lines for a particular draw, or by playing a single line for 2 draws.

BonoLoto draws are done four times eek; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 19:00 GMT in the official lottery draw studios of the Spanish national lottery operator, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. You can play Bonoloto online and win an amazing lottery jackpot.


Bonoloto is a classic lottery game, type 1/49 has two main game modes:

  1. Simple Bet:

This mode requires that you fill 1 to 8 blocks, picking 6 out of 49 different numbers in each block. Each block is made up of numbers from 1 to 49. Each block represents a bet.

  1. Multiple Bet:

This mode allows you to make higher-value bets and this increases your chances of winning with a simple bet. Only the first block of the ticket is considered and you are to select 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 numbers (in formulas, you can go for more numbers). Multiple bets can be done in two ways:

a. Direct multiple bet: all the numbers in that combination are played directly.

b. Multiple bet using formulas: is a distinct mode of Hispaloto. This mode uses mathematical formulas to reduce the number of bets, without threatening the success rate that the player can choose. It is an economical way to play multiple bets and keep up with a high probability of winning.


  1. The refund

A Refund is a number within the range of 1 to 9 that Lotteries and State Bets establishes for each ticket. As long as the lottery administration in charge of your bet validates it, you will receive the refund you played and it will also show on your panel. If your refund tallies with the refund of the winning combination, together with the prizes, you will receive the amount of the bets that you have played on that ticket.

  1. The complementary

In addition to the 6 balls that make the winning combination of the draw, a seventh ball is subsequently drawn, that matches with the complementary one. The complementary number introduces an extra prize category: the second category, with 5 hits plus the complementary one.


In the BonoLoto game, 55% of the income is spent on prizes. The jackpot begins from €400,000 and rolls over each time there is no winner for the jackpot. Prizes are paid out to winners in a single cash payment. There is no room for an annuity form of payment. The largest BonoLoto jackpot of €7.694.919,65 was won by a single winner in the year 2018. Taxes are charged for winnings over €2,500. For this amount, a 20% government tax is charged. This took effect from 1 January 2013.


When you win prizes not up to €600, you can redeem your winnings at any official lottery retailer. Meanwhile, if your winnings are more than €600, you must redeem your prize at any Loteria Nacional branch in Spain. Do you know how to check today’s BonoLoto results and winning numbers? You can do it here at LottoPark.

Of course, if you played BonoLoto with an online lottery site – this most likely suggests that you are living in another country—then prize redemption mode may vary. Some sites will instantly forward winnings below a certain prize threshold to your account. Also, take note that your local tax law may come into play if you did play BonoLoto from another country.

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