Eurojackpot – for those who like to win

While we were discussing different European lotteries and various tricks to raise your chances to win, we didn’t notice another great opportunity to get rich – Eurojackpot reached the mark of €64 million! This kind of jackpot is one of the biggest in Europe. If you want to win a lot and not only play a game online for fun, then don’t miss this lotto. Here is why.

Eurojackpot informations

The amazing Eurojackpot lotto exists only 4 years, its maximum jackpot limit is set twice as low as the Euromillions’ one. However, it can compete not only against well-known and old European lotteries but the American giants as well. Even more, Eurojackpot has almost no advertisement in public, nevertheless, its popularity grows each day. The reason is very simple: Eurojackpot offers the biggest chances for you to win the main prize among all other popular lotteries in the world!

The probability to pick the winning number combination is approximately 1 of 95 million. This is twice as big as the same probability of Euromillions according to their new rules that will come to power in a few days. You can also compare it with USA Powerball: the chances to win its jackpot is 1 of 292 million. Thus, Eurojackpot is much more attractive.

Play Eurojackpot!

No wonder that the maximum jackpot limit is €90 million. People win too often for it to accumulate further. There were 7 jackpot draws during 2016. The Eurojackpot tickets are sold in 17 countries and cover almost 270 million people that is much more than Euromillions. Numerous fans make jackpots grow very fast when they buy tickets. As a result, we have 2 jackpots €75 million each this year and one more is coming soon!

At the moment, the jackpot of this lotto is at the €64 million level and the money will be paid at once, without any installments, partial payments or fluctuating sums. What you see is what you get.
The next draw will be held on Friday, September 23. Don’t forget to buy your ticket and try your luck in Eurojackpot. All the best to you!