EuroMillions celebrates the 1000th draw

Last Friday, the 1000th EuroMillions draw took place. We’d like to share a few interesting facts and figures about the most popular European lottery. The lottery has been started in 2004, so it’s been 13 lucky years with EuroMillions. Since that time, a total of 481 million lines with EuroMillions winning numbers have been picked. Prizes are of course the most exciting thing when it comes to lotteries and we have to say, the numbers in this lottery may leave you breathless.

The numbers are big, or rather BIG. The overall sum of prizes handed over to the EuroMillions winners equals an overwhelming amount of €34.6 billion. French players tend to be especially lucky, as they they the top spot for the highest number of jackpot wins. They have claimed 85 jackpots. France has also won the highest number of prizes at all levels, summing up to 490.9 million. Second spot with 481.1 million goes to the UK, but the second place when it comes to jackpots goes to Spain, with 82 jackpots, as UK players have claimed only 65.

What’s the secret formula for hitting the jackpot by picking all the EuroMillions winning numbers correctly? Surprisingly, there’s none. A survey among over 6000 EuroMillions players showed that 59.3% of them rather trusts the blind luck and goes for the random machine pick. About 36% of players goes for numbers they consider lucky, such as important dates. Less than 5% uses some kind of a system or uses other data as the most frequently drawn numbers.

Those who dream of a huge win wouldn’t rather go public with the news about the win, 70% of players would remain anonymous if they’d hit the jackpot. Quite surprisingly, only 23% of them would quit their jobs if their numbers would be picked in the draw. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t take a short break… or even a longer one. Great holidays take the top spot on the things to do after hitting the jackpot list. Most players would like to visit the Caribbean (24.8%), the USA (23%) and Dubai (13.7%).

Lottery results are completely random, but there are two months when EuroMillions winning numbers are being picked more often. The statistics for the past 1,000 draws reveal that January and September are the ones to deliver the most jackpots. During those months, 39 from a total of 365 jackpots were claimed.

Another thousand of draws is coming, we look forward to see new winners and their stories. How about you try to become one of them? The next draw gives a great opportunity, as the rollover has reached an amazing €57,000,000! Click here to pick your EuroMillions winning numbers and good luck!