How Keno took New York by Storm

How Keno took New York

Even though Keno has been around for more than two thousand years, it was not until the nineties that the now popular game in US suddenly flooded the streets of New York, and became the hottest craze, almost overnight.

In this article we will backtrack in time to figure out why Keno suddenly exploded in popularity, cover how the game suddenly was to be seen everywhere, and also take a closer look at why it is still going strong to this day, almost 30 years later. Enjoy!

The Historical Roots of Keno

Keno has more than 2,000 years of history, and the first records that scholars have been able to find are related to Chinese origins, back when Keno was called Baige Piao. It quickly became popular in China, spreading like wildfire throughout the many provinces.

Despite this popularity, it would not be until the mid 1800s, when Chinese immigrants arrived to work in the United States that Keno found its way into the minds of Americans. Since then, Keno has only grown and even today, players continue to play lotto online and enjoy the excitement of the game.

How Keno Became a Sensation

New York were having financial issues back in the early 1990s, and as such, the then governor devised a plan to bolster the states coffers. Keno became state sponsored, although at the time it was called Quick Draw, and almost 2,000 gaming machines were set up all around the city in bars, restaurants and shops.

It did not take long before New Yorkers found Quick Draw as entertaining as other lottery systems. This was in no small part due to the fast-paced nature of the game, since many people enjoyed being able to tell whether they won or not within mere minutes, instead of having to wait upwards of a week until the drawings.

Previously, when you wanted to check the lottery results, you would have to look up the winning numbers in newspapers, listen to radio broadcasts, or watch the televised drawings at specific times, but the Keno stalls in New York made it easier and the sponsored marketing and approval by the state made it more appealing to a wider audience.

This also helped smaller businesses and convenience stores, bowling alleys and more, since this sensation quickly drummed up more business, back when people still had to physically enter the shops to purchase Keno tickets. Many business owners saw increased foot traffic and sales due to this phenomenon in this time period.

Keno and the World of Online Play

Since then, Keno has evolved into one of the largest lottery variants in the online world as well, due to the many daily drawings, entertaining and easy to understand system, and above all, the fun and excitement that Keno brings to players.

Additionally, the accessibility and features making it possible to play Greek Keno online or play GG World Keno online, is something that is catering to players worldwide, as the variety of games is something many people appreciate.

The Quick Draw machines are mostly gone from New York by now, and those left not connected to any systems, but the spirit of Keno lives on, and the world of online Keno has never been in a more healthy state.