Play the lottery online or buy tickets at the local points?

Play the lottery online

The lottery is played by all kinds of people all over the world – among the millions of participants there are young and old, men and women, professors and construction workers, doctors and salespeople. But if we have to point to one criterion that divides lottery fans into two big groups, regardless of gender, age and nationality, it is traditionalists and online players. Let’s paraphrase Shakespeare’s question – to play the lottery online or to buy tickets at the good old physical outlets. Which do you choose?

Both methods have their pros – online is quick and easy and there are many useful resources and articles on the internet, while walking to the shop is a kind of social activity, as you meet people along the way, talk about the weather, the latest news and local issues. In this article, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of both methods to see which one is better.

Even if you already know exactly how you like to play for each draw, you’ll probably be inclined to experiment after reading this article. Why not change your habits? Maybe it will bring you luck. And if you’re wondering which lottery game to choose, be sure to check the latest EuroMillions results and other big international lotteries with mouth-watering jackpots. You can do this effortlessly on our platform. And now to the topic of the article.

The traditional way

In many countries, the physical points of the national lottery are all across the map. They are recognizable, centrally located and close only 15 minutes before the start of each draw. Inside you will find both blank and filled slips. The service does not take long as the ticket is scanned and the machine issues a confirmation receipt. Literally anywhere, even from another city, you can play your favorite combination or check a ticket for Lotto 6 of 49.

Traditionalists like keeping the paper receipt – it’s a kind of security guarantee in case of a win. However, the reverse is also true – the paper can get crumpled, lost or torn, which would be a rather unpleasant turn of events if luck was on your side during the draw. The other downside is that you waste time going to the shop and back. Having queues like the ones that appear when there are record jackpots also costs you time. And you could certainly use that time for yourself.

Online lotteries

The internet is a vast universe – and tons of great lottery games are waiting for you right there. That’s right, the virtual space gives you access to international lotteries with colossal jackpots. This is what the leading lottery platforms offer, including LottoPark. With us, in addition to the purchase of a ticket, you can also quickly reference the results, and find useful tips, statistics and interesting information about the games. All this is at your disposal through your mobile phone from the comfort of your home or while riding the bus, for example,

The undoubted advantage of the Internet is speed. That’s why not only the big operators but also the local ones offer online games to their users. Signing up takes seconds, and the best part is that you have a history of your slips and winnings going back in time. The other advantage is that you can deposit a certain amount, so you can control your bets and not put your budget at unnecessary risk. As in physical outlets, an online system also allows tickets.

The future is virtual

The disadvantages of the online lottery are mainly associated with incorrect payment processing and technical errors. Therefore, platforms and operators are making serious efforts to make the release of tickets easier, faster and safer. This investment is aimed toward the future. Because if we have to make a prediction, it sounds like this – yes, traditional paper tickets are not going away anytime soon, but the growth of online participation will continue to break records.