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How to play Mon & Wed Lotto?

Mon & Wed Lotto online

Mon & Wed Lotto is an Australian lottery that has millions of loyal fans. This lottery does not offer huge jackpots, but the main prize is still worth your attention. Mon & Wed Lotto tickets are cheap and the chances of winning are much better than in other Australian lottery games. Is it possible to play Mon & Wed Lotto online?

In Australia, players can buy the tickets in a traditional form of paper Mon & Wed Lotto ticket. A player needs to visit a local lottery store and fill in a coupon to receive an official paper ticket.

For all of the players who want to play in a modern and convenient way – LottoPark offers Mon & Wed Lotto tickets online. All you need to play Mon & Wed Lotto online is a smartphone, laptop, or PC with Internet access and online payment methods.

Register at LottoPark, select your numbers, and play Mon & Wed Lotto online wherever and whenever you want. The lottery world has no borders at LottoPark!

Mon & Wed Lotto rules

Mon & Wed Lotto rules are clear and simple. A player has to select 6 numbers within 1-45 range. All the numbers can be selected manually or a player can use the “Quick Pick” tool that selects a 100% random combination of numbers.

To win the main prize – all 6 numbers must match the winning numbers selected during the draw of Mon & Wed Lotto.

The lottery drawing machine selects 6 basic numbers and 2 extra balls, called “Mon & Wed Lotto complementary numbers”. Additional numbers are used to determine some of the prize categories. The player can not select complementary numbers by himself.

The draw of Mon & Wed Lotto takes place twice a week: on Monday and Wednesday at 8.30 p.m. local time in Australia.

Mon & Wed Lotto tickets – Monday & Wednesday Lotto

Mon & Wed Lotto tickets

Mon & Wed Lotto tickets are one of the cheapest lottery tickets on our website. You can buy a multiple of 4 lines only. If you need more lines – just click on the button “More lines” and select the next 4 or even more lines. Remember to use a different combination of lucky numbers for each line.

You can buy a single ticket for the upcoming Mon & Wed Lotto draw. We recommend a “multi-draw” ticket for 5, 10, 25, or 52 draws. This type of ticket offers really good discounts – up to 25%.

You can check your Mon & Wed Lotto tickets anytime. Just log in to your player’s account and check “My tickets” section. All of the tickets purchased online at LottoPark are safe on your account.

Mon & Wed Lotto prizes

Mon & Wed Lotto has no classic jackpot that can rollover when nobody hit the jackpot in the draw. In this lottery a first prize is known from the beginning – it’s A$ 1,000,000 for each of the possible winners. Attention! Only 4 winners can hit the first prize and receive A$ 1,000,000. If more players will correctly select 6 winning numbers – A$ 4,000,000 will be shared between all of the winners.

The chances of winning Mon & Wed Lotto main prize are 1 in 8,145,060.

Australian Mon & Wed Lotto has 6 prize tiers. The complementary numbers apply to tiers 2, 5, and 6. Thanks to the complementary numbers, the player can win a higher prize.

The smallest prize for Mon & Wed Lotto is paid for one basic number and two complementary numbers matched.

If you want to know more – read about Mon & Wed Lotto prizes and chances of winning.

How to check Mon & Wed Lotto results

At LottoPark you can play Mon & Wed Lotto online and easily check the results and winning numbers of this Australian lottery. We want to offer comprehensive services to our customers, and that’s why we publish Mon & Wed Lotto results immediately after the draw.

To check the latest Mon & Wed Lotto results – click and visit our results section.

Mon & Wed Lottery

Besides the newest results at LottoPark, you can also find a rich lotto results archive with a really impressive database. You can check Mon & Wed Lotto results from the past, up to a few years back. Our lottery results archive can be used to prepare lottery statistics or strategies for playing the Mon & Wed Lotto.

Mon & Wed Lotto – tips for the players

This lottery offers higher chances of winning than Powerball Australia or other popular lotteries with huge jackpots. Also, the competition here is smaller, so if you hit the first prize – there is a big chance that you will get the whole amount, without sharing with other winners.

Buy a multi-draw ticket for Mon & Wed Lotto. We offer great discounts for this type of ticket, so you can pay less or buy more.