Polish Keno FAQ – Find out more!

Polish Keno

Polish Keno is a popular lottery-style game that offers players a unique and exciting chance to win big prizes. This game is enjoyed by many, not just in Poland, but globally. You might have a few questions about the game, how to play, and the odds of winning. This article aims to answer these frequently asked questions and more. You can even play Polish Keno online here at LottoPark.

How to Play Polish Keno?

Playing Polish Keno is simple. In a traditional setting in Poland, you would visit a local lottery sales point, available in every city. You select between 1 to 10 numbers for a bet. You can choose numbers using a lottery ticket, randomly, or in a mixed manner. If you add the Multiplier option, you can multiply your winnings. You can increase the stake to win even more. You also determine the number of draws you want to participate in.

You can also play Keno online at LottoPark. It’s easier and it’s available 24/7!

When Can I Play Polish Keno?

At terrestrial sales points, you can play every day during the sales system’s operating hours, i.e., from 6.30 to 23.54. Online, you can play 24/7, except for short technical and service breaks. That means you can play Polish Keno online at LottoPark website, anytime, anywhere.

What Are the Odds of Winning in Polish Keno?

The chance of winning in Keno depends on how many numbers you choose. On average, the chance of any win is 1:4.36, while the chance of the main win for hitting 10 out of 10 numbers is 1: 2,147,181. It may sound daunting but remember, every draw offers a new opportunity to win Polish Keno prizes.

Does Polish Keno Offer Jackpots?

Unlike some other lottery games, Keno does not have jackpots. The winnings are of a fixed amount specified in the table and depend on how many numbers you predict, how many numbers you hit, and the stake you play with.

Do I Have to Pay Tax on Polish Keno Prizes?

Yes. For winnings higher than PLN 2280, a flat-rate income tax of 10% of the winning amount is deducted. This is automatically deducted when the prize is paid out. So, while it’s exciting to win Polish Keno prizes, it’s essential to remember this tax implication.

Can I Play Polish Keno Outside of Poland, e.g., in Romania?

Absolutely! You can play Polish Keno no matter where you are. Whether you’re in Romania, the UK, or anywhere else in the world, you can participate in Polish Keno. Here at LottoPark, we make it easy for you to play Polish Keno online and to check the latest Polish Keno results. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take part in this exciting game, no matter where you are.


In conclusion, Polish Keno is a thrilling lottery game with great winning opportunities. It’s easy to play, and you can check the latest Keno results and play Polish Keno online here at LottoPark. No matter where you are in the world, you’re always in with a chance to win!

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