Stories of lottery winners

If you are here, probably you want to win the lottery. Many people would like to realize their dreams, quit their jobs and have a great and safe future. If you want to join the exclusive lottery winners club, you should meet some of the stories what happens to lottery winners, where are they now and which situation you should avoid. We will tell you also can lottery winners remain anonymous UK, because it is one of the methods to be safe as a lotto winner.

Take a cup of good coffee and read about the biggest lottery win, what have lottery winners bought and do all the lottery winners think that the win is the best thing in their lives?

Biggest lottery win

biggest lottery win

First of all, we will answer the main question: is it possible to win the lottery? Yes, it is. The lottery odds of the biggest lotto games are not big, but everything is possible.

Just take a look at a list of the biggest lottery win in the history of the American lottery games with the highest jackpots:

– January 2016, $ 1 586 000 000 in Powerball – won by three lottery winners, lucky tickets bought in Tennessee, Florida and California
– August 2017, $ 758 700 000 in Powerball – won by Mavis L. Wanczyk, who bought her winning ticket in Massachusetts
– March 2012, $ 656 000 000 in Mega Millions lottery – won by 3 lottery winners from Illinois, Maryland and Kansas
– December 2013, $ 648 000 000 in Mega Millions – won by Ira Curry from Georgia and Steve Tran from California
– May 2013, $ 590 500 000 in Powerball – won by Gloria Mackenzie from Florida

What do you think: the biggest lottery win can solve all the problems? Winning the lottery is the greatest thing, which can happen in your life?

What have the lottery winners bought?

can lottery winners remain anonymous uk

When you win the lottery, you can buy whatever you want. But think about it – do material things bring happiness? Opinions on this subject are different. Ok, let’s check what have lottery winners bought. We will share with you only a few examples of purchases made by lottery lucky players.

In 2005 Lara and Roger Griffiths won $ 2 760 000. They bought a million-dollar barn, house of their dreams, luxury Porsche and they spend some time in Monaco and Dubai. They visited also New York City.

In 2004 Sharon Tirabassi won $ 10 000 000. She spent all the money on a big house, fancy cars, designer clothes, great parties, exotic trips, loans to family and friends.
In 1998 Gerald Muswagon won C$ 10 000 000. He bought several cars for him and his friends, a house, which became the home of events and parties with friends and drugs. He also bought several big TV screens for his friends.

In 2002 Michael Caroll was 19 years old and he hit the jackpot £ 9 700 000. He spent all his money on prostitutes, expensive cars, drugs and big parties.

In 1997 Billy Bob Harrell Jr. won the jackpot $ 31 000 000. He bought a dream ranch in Texas, 6 other houses and several new cars. He also bought 480 turkeys for charity.

What have lottery winners bought the most often? The most popular are houses, cars, luxury trips to the most popular places in the world, and unfortunately… drugs and alcohol.

UK lottery winners – where are they now?

lottery winners who lost it all

When you will check out what have lottery winners bought you can see that not all the stories are happy. Some of the decisions were wrong, and lottery winners who lost it all can confirm this opinion. Do you want to know UK lottery winners where are they now?

We checked the stories of the UK’s biggest lottery winners:

– Ade Goodchild became the 15th biggest EuroMillions winner in the history of this game. He won in March 2019, so it is a quite new story. He celebrated the winning with takeaway pizza and chicken wings. He spent a part of his money on a new house, the tickets for the most interesting sports events and now he is traveling around the world.
– Coline and Christine Weir won £ 161 000 000 in 2011. Now they have a beautiful house and they launched the Weir Trust – a charity foundation, which helps their local community in Scotland.
– Dave and Angela Dawes won € 101 200 000 in 2011. Now they have a house in Etchingham, East Sussex. They are the donators of a charitable organization. They shared their money with closest friends and family.

Now you know UK Lottery winners where are they now and you can see that not all the stories have a bad ending. Many of the lottery winners used their money in a good way, many of them helped other people and made a lot of good deeds. The key to being a lucky lotto winner is to be cautious and reasonable.

So if we are talking about the UK Lottery winners, we should answer one of the most popular questions: “can lottery winners remain anonymous UK”? Yes, in the United Kingdom the lottery winners can remain anonymous, that is why it is not easy to check out UK lottery winners where are they now. In the UK you can decide do you want to protect your privacy or do you want to tell who you are and how much you won in the National Lottery. The organizers of the lotteries in the UK do not even reveal the location where the lucky lotto tickets were purchased. As you can see, the answer to the question „can lottery winners remain anonymous UK” is simple and it is good information for all the players, who want to play games of chance in the United Kingdom. When you won the lottery and you are anonymous, you are safe and you do not have to be afraid of the cheaters and thieves.

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What happens to lottery winners?

lottery winners

Do you want to know more about what happens to lottery winners, who think that money is not the most important thing in life? We can share with you some stories of the lottery winners, who regret to won the lotto and a positive story of a smart young lady, who still has a lot of money. What happens to lottery winners, who won when they were young?

On 28 July 2013 Jane Park from Edinburgh, as a 17 years old girl, won £ 1 000 000. Now she is bankrupt, without a penny from the winning. She thinks that winning was the worst thing in her life because she was too young to can handle such a big money prize. Now she has a husband and her life is an ordinary life.

In 2003 Callie Rogers was 16 years old and she won £ 1 900 000. She spent her money prize on cocaine, luxury cars, breast surgery and clothes. She bought also a home for her mother. Now she is a normal person, with an ordinary job. She has 3 kids and she is studying social care. Her son needs sensory stimulation because he is a disabled kid.

What about positive stories? In 2008 Ianthe Fullagar won £ 7 000 000 as 18 years old young lady. Now she is still one of the lotto millionaires, she invests her money and she is in good financial shape.

If you want to know more about what happens to lottery winners, who still have a lot of money and have a safe future – contact us. We will share with you more interesting lotto winners stories.

Lottery winners who lost it all

Many of the players ask us about the lottery winners who lost it all. As you can see, we know many stories about people, who won the lotto game and made a lot of stupid decisions. Next examples are:
– Daniel Carley won $ 3 700 000 in the Ontario Lottery. He spent all the winnings very fast. When he lost all the money, he started his “career” of a drug dealer.
– Bryan Magee won the lottery in 2008. He lost all the money when his business crashed 5 years later. He had to sell his home to pay off his creditors.
– One more example of lottery winners who lost it all? Keith Gough won the UK National Lottery in 2005. He won £ 9 000 000. He gave a lot of money to his friends, he bought many expensive cars and he lost control of his life and fortune. His wife divorced him and Keith become an alcoholic. He died in 2010 after a heart attack.

So now you know what is the biggest lottery win in history, can lottery winners remain anonymous UK and what happens to lottery winners, who lost it all. Check out our articles and advice for the players – our lottery guide will help you to play in a smart way and to avoid the most common mistakes made by the players and lottery winners. It is a great thing when you win the lotto, of course, when you know what to do with the money and how to use your winnings safely. Feel free to contact us if you will have any questions or problems to solve. We are here for you!

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uk lottery winners where are they now