Top Lotteries to Play in Hungary


Lotteries, another form of gambling with a long history, is widely played in many countries. The same holds for the top lotteries played in Hungary right now. The first recorded lotteries in what is now Hungary date back to the 18th century. Changes were made to the rules after it was first introduced. When determining where to test our luck, we now have more options than ever before.

The number of lotteries available to the public has increased, and now Hungarians can play lottery games online.

The Hungarian Otoslotto – 5/90

It is the “otöslottó” (Hungarian for “national lottery”), the country’s oldest and most widely played lottery. In this game, players pick five numbers from a pool of 90. Your objective is to predict all five numbers correctly, but there are bonuses for correctly predicting 2, 3, and 4 numbers. You can check the latest lotto numbers and use your numbers or have the computer generate them at random. The regular game costs 300 HUF and broadcasts live every Saturday. If nobody can claim the jackpot, the money and additional rewards will be carried over for another year. People can play the lotto online now. The total amount of the current jackpot is close to 2.5 billion HUF.


Keno is played a little bit differently, but it’s still a huge hit with players. Every player can play Keno online and select lottery numbers with no more than ten numbers from a pool of 80. You should try to match as many of the day’s 20 winning numbers as possible. As it turns out, this is how wins are achieved. If you play with 8 or 9 or 10 numbers, you win if you match at least 5 of them. When using 6 and 7-digit numbers, you must get at least four hits to win. Five and four with at least two guesses, three with at least three, and two with just one follow this same line of reasoning. It’s not hard at all. At approximately 250 HUF per game, Keno is a daily bargain. The total prize pool now exceeds 1 billion HUF.


You may also try luck in one of Hungary’s most popular lotteries, EuroJackpot, at LottoPark. EuroJackpot is a European lottery that allows players from around the continent. Weekly drawings for the European lotto take place every Tuesday and Friday at 19:00 GMT.

Prize pools range from €10 million to €120 million. Even more importantly, it’s to learn EuroJackpot. Start by picking five primary numbers between 1 and 50.

Then, select two more numbers between 1 and 10 from the subsequent menu. The EuroJackpot winners must select the five main numbers and two bonus numbers drawn.

If you play EuroJackpot online and don’t get the jackpot, there are still 11 other ways to win!

The Hatoslotto

It was patterned after the Austrian version of the game and introduced in 1988 after the popularity of the Otoslotto. The participants must select 6 numbers from a pool of 45. Similarly to the Otoslotto, players can begin winning with as few as three correct predictions. People prefer this lottery to Otoslotto since the jackpots are comparable in size, but the odds of winning are higher. It’s a hugely popular game that airs every Sunday and can’t be missed.

Attention! You can check the Hatoslotto results on our website.

Final Note

There are many other national and international lotteries available in Hungary, but these are the ones we think offer the best chances of winning. LottoPark is a fantastic platform for participating in both Hungarian and international lotteries. Modern lotteries provide convenience and a wide variety of ways to play. You can either play directly on your mobile device or via the internet or purchase a physical ticket.