TOP places in Belgium to visit for a lotto millionaire


Are you planning a vacation to Belgium after winning the lottery? Why not check out our recommended list of the top places to visit in Belgium for a lotto millionaire? This article reviews exciting locations that will guarantee you a good time. 

Is Belgium a popular tourist destination?

Often, travelers overlook Belgium when planning their holiday yet this country is a kept secret in Europe. The delight that you can get in this country surpasses the expectations that you may have for a holiday.  

Whether you want day tours or exotic activities, Belgium has all the answers – you just need to know where to be.

So, Belgium is a perfect holiday destination for a millionaire to spend a holiday.

What are the top places that you must visit in Belgium?

If there was time, we’d recommend a whole country exploration but we understand how fixed you are with time, thus, recommend the following top places to feature in your holiday itinerary.


It is the capital of the country that also serves as the headquarters of NATO and the European Union. Owing to its international significance, Brussels is a multicultural city that you can visit once you check the latest lotto results and find that you are a winner. The city is known for museums, street food, and shopping, which a lotto millionaire would really appreciate.

While in Brussels, ensure you visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, which is a composition of six different museums.

The architecture of the city’s buildings is also breathtaking and will make you appreciate the art of construction.


This is an incredibly charming city that is ideal for romantic escapes. It has exciting networks of canals that create a fairytale experience for visitors. The medieval architecture has also been preserved to keep the city unique for exploration.

While in the city, you can take a walk around the Old Town, hop on a canal boat, or head to Belfort for a bird’s eye view of the city.

Namur Province 

If you are a lover of nature and play GG World Keno online, you can visit the Namur Province and enjoy the surrounding rivers, rolling farm hills, cliffs, and lush greenery scenes.

You can visit this place to enjoy the views or hike through the breathtaking natural surroundings. There is also a small town called Liernu that will give you a cuisine experience that you will never forget.


Some of the top fashion creatives come from this place. It is a world of fashion and design with many trendy shops available for your exploration. After all, a millionaire on a holiday wouldn’t mind changing their fashion taste to match the world’s best.

The Belgian Coast

The mention of a holiday is never complete without exploring the beaches. Belgium has a coastal line that stretches about 40 miles, passing through various towns with different activities to do.

When you are visiting the Belgian Coast, your target should be to spend time on the beaches though you can also find exciting events in the towns that you pass through. Don’t limit your stay to a single town, explore as many as you can.


Did you know that spas all over the world take their name from this Belgian town? It is a breathtaking Belgian town known for the best hot springs. If you buy lottery tickets online and win a big prize, you can treat yourself to a spa holiday in Spa. In 2021, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its therapeutic thermal springs.

While in the town, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit the world’s first casino, which is in the town.

Hoge Kempen National Park 

It is a perfect place for exploring nature in Belgium. It is a 5700-hectare nature reserve that offers a gateway for tourists looking to enjoy cycling, hiking, or horseback in a serene environment with evergreen trees.

Can you visit all these places?

Yes, you can visit all these places if you set out to explore Belgium. Most of these places don’t need you to stay there – a day trip is enough to see and experience all that is there in a single location.

With a tour guide, you can even explore Belgium further and learn a lot about the country. You can also read about top places in Norway to visit for a lottery winner if you want to go beyond Belgium to explore.

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