Mega Sena – Brazilian lottery for You

Mega Sena

Mega Sena, a lottery brand that offers the ultimate lottery experience in Brazil, is one that makes Brazilians a happy population.

About Mega Sena

Mega Sena is the national lottery in Brazil and the largest in South America. The lottery company is run by the Caixa Economica Federal Bank. The popularity of Mega Sena goes well beyond the country to the entire region.

The first ever draw of this lottery was in 1996. It has since evolved and offers two draws every week. Every Wednesday and Saturday, lottery players have a chance to win Mega Sena prizes and jackpot. There is also an exciting annual draw held on the last day of the year (December 31st).

Mega Sena is an adaptive lottery brand that offers the flexibility of using the Internet to buy tickets and check results. This kind of convenience has helped many people access the lottery remotely and change their lives through the winnings.

How to Play Mega Sena

There are thousands of local lottery stores in Brazil where players can purchase their physical tickets. However, you can also play online when you purchase tickets online. The draws are conducted promptly per the schedule, every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm local time. The online portal allows players to check Mega Sena results and numbers even if they miss the live draw.

The rules of playing this lottery are simple – you pick six numbers from a range of 1-60. You have to match the six numbers correctly to win the Mega Sena jackpot.

How much can you win?

Mega Sena takes a classic form with 3 tiers of prizes i.e. 35% to the jackpot prize, 19% to 2nd tier prizes, and 19% to 3rd tier prizes,

The minimum amount that you can win playing for the jackpot is R$ 3,000,000 (approximately € 480,000). The jackpot is played on a rollover basis with no upper limit. This makes it more interesting because the jackpot can grow to millions until someone wins it.

The biggest jackpot was in 2019 with R$ 289,000,000 won.

After winning the lottery, players have up to 90 days to claim their prizes. Winnings of up to $2,500 are transferred to a player’s account immediately. However, winnings great than this amount need to follow a custom procedure.

All winnings are taxed 13.8% as income tax. International players are encouraged to check their country’s taxation laws.

Can Mega Sena change your life?

Definitely, this lottery brand can change the entire course of your life. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be the next millionaire courtesy of the lottery, but you stand a better chance to become a millionaire than a person who doesn’t play this lottery.

Reflectively, the fact that it is easy to play Mega Sena online makes it even more attractive to the entire population. You don’t have to overthink the decision to play this lottery – get started today to increase your chances of winning huge prizes!

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