Saturday Lotto Lottery Draw Results – Winning Numbers

Estimated jackpot: A$10,000,000
Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
Winners:   4 Payout per winner:   A$2,500,000.00
Prize #2 II Match
5+ 1
Winners:   61 Payout per winner:   A$12,068.70
Prize #3 III Match
Winners:   1,256 Payout per winner:   A$887.15
Prize #4 IV Match
Winners:   61,643 Payout per winner:   A$26.80
Prize #5 V Match
3+ 1
Winners:   147,704 Payout per winner:   A$17.50
Prize #6 VI Match
Winners:   887,346 Payout per winner:   A$8.85
Total Sum: Total Winners:   1,098,014 :   A$23,940,315.60

Look up the latest Saturday Lotto drawing results and compare them with the numbers you have picked when buying the tickets. Who knows – maybe this is your lucky day and you will actually be the one to join the ranks of lottery millionaires? Carefully check all the information on the Australian lotto drawing results right now.

Look up the latest Saturday Lotto Australia results and see if you have won!

Saturday lotto results

Have you bought Saturday Lotto tickets? Do you want to feel the thrill? For every lottery fan, the moment of checking the drawing results for the favorite lottery is a very intense experience. The highest doses of adrenaline accompany players when they can check the lottery drawing results live – by watching the TV broadcast of the drawing ceremony.

If you cannot watch the drawing on your local Australian TV – you can use other methods to look up the Saturday Lotto winning numbers and results and find out which numbers have been drawn as the winning ones.

How to look up the Saturday Lotto lottery results?

The most convenient way to look up the latest Saturday Lotto drawing results is the Internet. We have good news for you! You can find the latest Saturday Lotto results on our website! We publish them immediately after the drawing ends and they are downloaded from the official website of the Australian lottery’s organizer.

Remember to check the Saturday Lotto winning numbers and results at least twice, with adequate attention and accuracy. We know plenty of cases where a player was in a rush while checking the results and didn’t notice that their numbers made them eligible for claiming a prize. Haste makes waste, which is why you shouldn’t rush it when checking which numbers open the door to a bank full of Australian dollars in the Saturday Lotto lottery.

The archive of drawing results and winning numbers in Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto winning numbers

LottoPark provides not only the latest results and winning numbers in Saturday Lotto. On our website you can also find an extensive lottery results archive, which means winning numbers from previous drawings.

You want to check which numbers were drawn in Saturday Lotto a month or even a few months ago? No problem! The lottery results archive on our website is at your disposal.

You want to find out if your lucky numbers have ever been drawn as the winning numbers in Saturday Lotto? You can look it up in the lottery archive!

Saturday Lotto – winners and prizes

Saturday Lotto drawing results are more than just the winning numbers. It also means very valuable information on the winners and prizes in the Australian lottery. We encourage you to analyze our table, in which you can check how many players have won prizes of different tiers and what kind of amounts we’re talking about.

By using our Australian lottery results archive, you can check how many players have won prizes in previous drawings. Our database is a proof that one can truly win a lottery and that even if you don’t win the first tier prize – you can still earn truly attractive amounts that can change a lot in your life. Click here to check more information about Saturday Lotto jackpot and prizes.

Saturday Lotto drawing results – the numbers drawn most and least often

Have you heard about the hot and cold numbers method? Plenty of players use the Saturday Lotto winning numbers archive to see which numbers have been selected as the winning ones most often and which ones the least often. The effectiveness of picking the most or least often picked numbers is pretty disputable, but if you do wish to try it, below we present the essential information.

The Saturday Lotto numbers drawn most often:

Australian lottery draw
  • basic numbers: 1, 18, 22, 11, 12, 5
  • complementary numbers: 36, 41, 42, 7, 14

The Saturday Lotto numbers drawn least often:

  • basic numbers: 2, 14, 44, 28, 30, 4
  • complementary numbers: 5, 10, 21, 27, 43

Buy lucky tickets and keep your fingers crossed for beneficial Saturday Lotto Australia results

If you want to one day look up the drawing results and find out that you have won the main prize in the Australian lottery – buy Saturday Lotto tickets online right now and think positively! Remember that believing in success is a very solid step in the right direction, on the way to achieve the goal. Faith can move mountains – see if you’re the one to be lucky during the next Saturday Lotto drawing!

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