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TOP 10 most expensive gifts ever given


What is the perfect gift you can give someone? How about the cost of the most expensive gift you’ve ever given? Here’s a list of the most expensive gifts ever given. Since time immemorial, gifts have been part of humanity. Without a doubt, humans go a long way to impress others with gifts. But the […]

TOP 5 winter destinations in the world for a lottery winner


Staying at home during winter isn’t fun, especially if you have just won a top lottery prize. That is why we’ve prepared a list of exotic winter destinations that will redefine your winter holidays.  Deciding whether to chase the sun or not Do you want to chase the sun or explore winter activities? That decision […]

The best American lotteries that you can play in the Netherlands


The United States has the most popular lottery games loved by millions of lottery fans around the world. Find out about the possibility of legally playing top American lotteries in the Netherlands. Is it possible to play American lotteries in Netherlands? Are you a lottery fan in the Netherlands and would like to access top […]

Lottery Games vs. Casino

lottery vs casino

If you were to gamble, would you rather do it in a casino or play lottery games? Does it sound confusing because the two involve risking money for a greater reward? Find out the similarities and differences and how you can choose the right game here. Are lottery games similar to casino games? There are […]

TOP places in Belgium to visit for a lotto millionaire


Are you planning a vacation to Belgium after winning the lottery? Why not check out our recommended list of the top places to visit in Belgium for a lotto millionaire? This article reviews exciting locations that will guarantee you a good time.  Is Belgium a popular tourist destination? Often, travelers overlook Belgium when planning their […]

TOP places in Norway to visit for a lottery winner


Have you just won a lottery and you don’t know where to go? Norway is a secret gem in Europe with exciting places for millionaires to spend their holidays. We have a list of exciting places to visit in Norway as a lottery winner. Why should you visit Norway? Why choose Norway, yet there are […]