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How Much Can You Win on Polish Lotto? Check What to Play for!

Eurojackpot – одни из самых больших выигрышей в Европе

What gives the greatest motivation to players for participating in numeric lotteries is huge winnings. It is difficult to find a better way for becoming rich so quickly which requires exclusively symbolic financial investments and a minimum time dedication. There are many happy stories of lotto millionaires who gained the main winning by playing Lotto regularly or visiting outlets occasionally. How much can you really win on Polish Lotto?

Biggest win in the history of the Polish Lotto!

Poland has got a new lotto millionaire! Yesterday’s draw has brought a new lucky player who became rich thanks to lotto. But there’s more great news – yesterday’s win was the biggest recorded win in the history of the Polish Lotto. Have you checked your tickets yet?

All-time high rollover waiting in the Polish Lotto!

Another rollover in the Polish lotto! Several draws were held, but even though millions of players took part, nobody was able to pick all the numbers correctly and to claim the grand prize in this lottery. The next draw may bring the winner a prize worth approximately PLN 35 million (which is equivalent of around €8 million). It’s time to get the Polish Lotto tickets!

Polish Lotto – do you want to play?

Polish lotto shouldn’t be underestimated due to the fact that it is the largest lottery that played in Poland. The largest jackpot of Polish lotto was recorded as 50,000,000 Polish Zloty.

Meet Polish Lotto and hit the jackpot!

Lotteries in Poland are rather popular like in any other country. Certainly lotteries here have not got such huge jackpots like the biggest world lotteries of the world, like MegaMillions or Powerball. Nevertheless, the sum of jackpot is quite big – about $500.000 every week or even more.