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Are you dreaming about Powerball jackpot?

Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. It takes place in America, except several states. The lottery is well known all over the world, many people have heard about huge winnings in it.

The Powerball jackpot winner earned $246.8 million!

The growth of the jackpot of the main American lottery stopped on Saturday, September 17. And we hoped so much that there will be a new record – another billion! The last month and a half Powerball was at the peak of popularity.

Powerball jackpot rollover – $478 mln waiting!

Powerball players are hoping they’ll have better luck this Saturday to win lots of cash as the jackpot has been rolled over again. This means that the pre-tax payout has reached an amazing $478,000,000!

Powerball winner claims his prize

A man from Maple Valley received the surprise of a lifetime when he found out he had won $100,000 from the Powerball drawing on June 29.

Couple wins $1M in Powerball

Charles and Mary have been playing for years. They had won small prizes here and there but nothing would prepare them for this stroke of luck!

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